Friday, January 20, 2017

Zine-Making and Card-Tooning Sneak Peeks! Zines Made By Kids at the JAC

Hello World!  I can't believe we're in 2017.  Bizarre on a few levels.  

But one of the great things about 2016, and so far 2017, has been getting to read, help create (as a teacher does when coaching her students), and print amazing zines, little zines, and accordion books done by my JAC Students over at Barnsdall Art Center!

I'm always really impressed by the variety of what the kids I teach come up with.  While some students stick to illustration and storytelling when making zines, others keep their zines more based in the literary, and yet others have created zines that are almost like Young Adult novels, with a few illustrations.  I wanted to share with the world some stuff done by my students from last term, as well as works currently being worked on by my present students.  

I don't want to spoil all the contents, but-- above, and below, you can see clips from the children's story zines "Flower Dog" (a Dia De Los Muerto's Puppy's adventures), "Friends," and "The Last Airbender, our class self-published coloring book anthology, the suspenseful sci-fi illustrated story zine "The First Monster and the Mad Scientist," and the Purr-fect accordion book-- all about a kitten!  The kids who make these zines are all in elementary or middle school, and are already terrific artists and storytellers.  Am excited to keep printing these zines, showcasing them at our student Zine Fest at the JAC, and then bringing copies out into the world for people to enjoy, to help spread the word when I am out and about at a zine fair on my own.

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