Friday, January 5, 2018

Concept Art and Card-Tooning Zine Peeks! Zines Made By Kids at the JAC

I have gotten so behind in blogging, but aiming to change that.  Happy 2018!

One new thing I've been doing is publishing art from my students, in 3-D form.  They are making self-published content and zines, not only from what they draw, but from what they sculpt!

Below is a page from one of my new student zines, from my concept art class!  They sculpt characters, photograph the stories, and then we use the computer to digitally add the details, story description, dialogue, and so forth.

Here's a snippet from a couple of pages of the zine we are sending to print soon.  Adding to the zine collection of what my students make!  These two panels are some of my favorite, because they are cute chibi characters in the vein of "Game of Thrones."  

To recap from some more student zines, in the old-school DIY/photocopying format, "Friends," and "The Last Airbender, our class self-published coloring book anthology, the suspenseful sci-fi illustrated story zine "The First Monster and the Mad Scientist," and the Purr-fect accordion book-- all about a kitten!  The kids who make these zines are all in elementary or middle school, and are already terrific artists and storytellers.  Am excited to keep printing these zines, showcasing them at our student Zine Fest at the JAC, and then bringing copies out into the world for people to enjoy, to help spread the word when I am out and about at a zine fair on my own.

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