Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Treehouse, Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All,

Once again I am doing this from my phone so I hope it turns out okay! Below is my piece.

My creative Tuesday's is a lonely and sad girl going to hide away and wanting to be away from everybody else. Just her and her tree house. However, she has a little koala friend who is climbing around and knows she is hiding and is concerned.

To submit, please go to the most recent post at www.creativetuesdays.blogspot.co.uk.
Due today!

Thank you Michael, and I am sorry mine is so late! Phone is dying but when I get to a computer I will look at everyone's work.


Dancin Fool said...

Thats beautiful but so sad, the expressions you have caught on the girl and the bears face are very moving. Great tree house, your work and style are lovely.

Michael said...

Donna, so glad you had a chance to enter this beautifully crafted piece. While it's certainly evokes sadness, the tree a womb like shelter and the girl assuming that cradled position, it is full of lovely line work. Very woodcut feeling. I really like it! Now, of course, I'm wondering if it's a self portrait, remembering your entire a while back alluding to something or other. Wishing you all the best. Thank goodness for mobile phones! thank you for getting this up!
P.S. Is that a girl in the front right corner btw? Looks like an eyelash but maybe it is the start of another tree. And yes, I Saw the Kuala! :)

lissa said...

a tree is definitely a nice hiding place, sad piece but well done.

have a lovely day.

Christine said...

I'm sorry she is sad, but a great interpretation Donna!

alarmcat said...

love your stylized tree! i didn't see the koala at first hiding in all the leaves :)