Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Treehouse, Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All,

Once again I am doing this from my phone so I hope it turns out okay! Below is my piece.

My creative Tuesday's is a lonely and sad girl going to hide away and wanting to be away from everybody else. Just her and her tree house. However, she has a little koala friend who is climbing around and knows she is hiding and is concerned.

To submit, please go to the most recent post at www.creativetuesdays.blogspot.co.uk.
Due today!

Thank you Michael, and I am sorry mine is so late! Phone is dying but when I get to a computer I will look at everyone's work.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Patterns and Little Red Riding Hood For Creative Tuesdays

Hello, All!  I am so sorry to have missed C.T.  So, I have a few images, for last time's prompt of "Patterns," and this week's prompt of "Little Red Riding Hood." I have combined the themes.

Pattern Piece 1.  I did this for an upcoming "Day of the Dead" show I'm in, and this is actually an homage to a Koala in real life at the L.A. Zoo who died, named Killarney.  I love patterns, and below, is a piece I have full of patterns on the costume, in addition to some images on the bottom that aren't patterns:

Little Red/Pattern Piece 2.  This is my dual submission for last and this week, fully on the Pattern and "Red Riding Hood" theme.  I digitally turned a piece I made called "The Adventures of Little Red Riding-Hook" (as she has a hook for a hand and is in scuba gear) into a pattern.  It's a little Magic-Eye ish, I think:

And, 3.  Original Piece (Little Red Riding Hood): In case anyone wants to see it, the above piece came from this original below:

I am looking forward to seeing what other people post!  You have until tomorrow, Tuesday, to post something.  Please sign up at Mister Toast's Link Below, until Midnight tomorrow Mountain Time


Thanks for reading and hope everyone is well <3 br="">

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Halloween! #Inktober zine in the works, as well as "Echidna and Echeveria" Accordion Book update

Happy Almost Halloween!

It's my favorite Holiday, and am happy to celebrate with some drawings.  I'm going to be self-publishing a little character design zine of all my Inktober drawings, probably out early 2016.  I'd love to have it out for the Holidays, but it isn't practical with shows I already have coming up and a big trip home soon.

Anyway, below are some Ink (and Jack O' Lantern) Cacti, Punny Ink and Gouache Cats, Ink and Marker DOTD characters I drew to honor my late Great Grandparents, Grandmother, and Grauntaunt, and a Zomb-balerina.  If you scroll past those, you can see an update on Mister Echidna!


So, the next pictures are some further illustrations I've done on my "Echidna, Echeveria" project.  It's an illustrated story for kids, and I am going to initially be releasing it as a self-published Accordion Book.

I have seen some great zines created in the accordion book style, and I am excited to draw something that can double as a self-published book, as well as a folded piece of art that can (literally) fold out and stand on its own.  Also, I love the tiny accordion books that I've seen my students in zine-making make, and am inspired to make one of my own.

In my project, on one side, the book will showcase the part of the story where the Echidna gets lost in a Cacti Garden and makes a friend, and be in color (original drawn in Prismacolor pencil).  On the other, it will show another garden, where the animal friends Echidna got separated from, are still strolling through.

Scroll below for some sketches I'm doing to prepare for drawing out this section.  Again, I won't have this finished in time for Christmas, but if you love spiky animals/plants, look for it around Valentine's Day of 2016 ^_^

Thank you all for reading, and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!