Monday, August 22, 2016

Creative Tuesdays: Journey and Plum

Hello All at C.T.!  So I didn't finish my "journey" illustration on time, but, I did combine it with "plum."  I'm using it in the sense of the color, as seen throughout the illustration, in addition to the fruit.  Both that she is holding, and that is printed on her shirt.

This girl is off to a journey (and is dressed for it, as she's wearing a backpack, kicking around a compass-- admittedly probably not the best way to tell direction-- and wearing a skirt patterned in planes), but maybe one she didn't plan for.  This plum she's holding has burst forth with color, and perhaps is taking her to a new land.  I imagine that it's a portal transporting her to a magical world, through a plum-my, deep purple portal.

And now, without further ado, here are some links!  I'll update this when it's time to post the actual linksy link, but for now, please check out the link to this theme and prompt (plum), and below that, to our great collective organizer and founder, Mister Toast's, Blog:

Take care and all the best!  Hope everyone reading is well.

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Michael said...

Really wonderful, Donna. I love it and am so glad you got to combine this with the Journey one. It is such a clever piece with that exploding plum and the looseness of the dripping portal paint/colour behind her. Somewhat different there for you but still very you I love it. Thank you! This is so fun to read all the details and such too. Well done!
As it is, I'm sorry to need to delay this sign up a week as I don't have time and want to give others more time too so we can get back to a few more sing ups, I hope! Please do sign up on the 6th or 5th when I will post that on CT. Sorry for the extension/delay but thank you again for adding a wonderful inspiring piece for us all. There really are some incredible gems this go around that I think you will love.

Christine said...

Lovely work on both themes Donna!

lissa said...

this is lovely. I like all the patterns and the whole idea of journey and travel and I can imagine her going somewhere magical.

have a lovely day.

Alexandra MacVean said...

By the way... I LOVE the little starfish who just got married. Darling! :)

Alexandra MacVean said...

Hmmm...I see my previous comment to the married starfish isn't there, so I'll leave it again...

This is a wonderful illustration. I love your interpretation of her being under the sea. I would really like to hear your thoughts on your own interpretation, though. What prompted you to create such a piece? Lots of fabulous detail. :)