Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Fish" For Creative Tuesdays

Hello, everyone at Creative Tuesdays!  Just like last week, I have been a little swamped (family stuff and I am also working four jobs and running all over L.A. County teaching art and cartooning at art centers/summer camps), so, I digitally collaged together pieces from a piece I had already done for this "Fish" challenge as my new piece, and am also including the original piece which has fish as well as other sea creatures (it's a coloring page from my self-published coloring book, and it is all about the Aquarium of the Pacific, in Long Beach, CA).

Below is my pattern, featuring Weedy Seadragons (my favorite kinds of fish/seahorses, they're so cool), Catfish, Seahorses, and Jellyfish.  All "fish" just for this challenge!

And below, is the original page this fish pattern came from, including corals, an aquarium-y girl, and a California Sea Lion.

And now, for some links!

Here is the link to submit!  I myself am doing this last minute, but, you have until later today to submit your "Fish for Creative Tuesdays" piece:

And here, please check out Michael/Mister Toast's blog!  He's the amazing artist, organizer, and leade rof this great collective:  http://dottyhill.blogspot.com/

Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Fourth!  Too many Fireworks in my neighborhood were painful for my ears and head, but I am hoping the celebrations are a little tamer now that we're moving forward into July.  Happy Creative Tuesdays, All ^_^


lissa said...

I like the original, so many things to color and much to see.

have a lovely day.

Wanda said...

If I were into tattoo's I'd like that top one. Very wonderful!

Michael said...

Wow, you must have had fireworks really close to you. Hope you weren't kept up too long!

I particularly enjoy the original composition but all of them show those funky fish and is somehow so very you! Well done, Donna.,,and htank you for finding the time with all those jobs too. I remember when I worked 4 minimum wage jobs every day of the week for a year until something better came along. Exhauasting but I had to, even with a degree in hand as the job market was so hard an dI had a baby on the way. Phew. Worth it in the long run.

Wishing you the best on that colouring book, etc!

Christine said...

lovely fish patterns Donna!