Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time For Tea And Coffee At Creative Tuesdays!

Hello, everyone at Creative Tuesdays!  I'm so sorry I missed the last challenge.  I was in New York visiting my Mom and Dad, and I had just gotten through visiting my Alma Mater for my College Reunion!  Ten years, eep :-\  But anyway, I was swamped with good things and stressful things, and missed that challenge, but now I'm back.

As for this challenge for C.T., I made a new piece for this challenge (seen above) using compilations of old pieces, and am also including a piece I already completed (seen below the description below), because I think it's too on theme not to <3 nbsp="" p="">
I LOVE COFFEE AND TEA (whoops, caps lock is the typed version of being loud), and I love puns, so, be warned both of my submissions involve bad jokes and marsupials.  Above, I took am illustration of a little teatime Koala I drew (a koala-ty drawing, I hope), and digitally collaged it to be a full illustration with a different part of the same piece it's a part of.  I made a paper doll illustration last year for a class I took that was huge, I cut it down into several pieces, and then folded it into a book.  Anyway, scanning in other parts from the book, I used the section with macarons as a teatime cookie styled border, and collaged the Koala-tea Koala to be in the center of this piece.

Below, is a card design I drew a while ago, that I get printed on Watercolor Printer at a favorite printer, and sell at Comic Cons and Art Shows. The bad joke and tea silliness I hope speaks for itself.

And now, for some links!

Below, please click to submit!  You have until later today to submit a coffee and tea related piece:

And here, please check out Michael/Mister Toast's blog!  He's the great illustrator and organizer that runs this collective, and you should check out his amazing drawings:

Thanks for reading guys and hope you are well!  So excited to see everyone's great pieces for this.



Christine said...

such cute pieces for the theme Donna, nice work.

Wanda said...

I love how your darling Koala's grace all your drawing. We are beginning to love him as you do. A very cute illustration for the theme.

Michael said...

Both are these are just superb, Donna. I love Macaroons and used as a backdrop like that works amazingly well. It is such a fun, colourful illustration. Thank you!
Also, your previous one is so pretty, magical even. I love the girl's pose, her wonderful hair adn amazing socks, as well as that beuatiful tea set all perched on the giant koala. Great job on both of these. Thank you for the excellent fun write up too. I always enjoy reading them.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years since college for you. Either you, 1. started very young, 2, finished in half the time or something, or 3, look very young for your age!

As it is, any of those are great options. :) Thank you for joining in this week! I hope your time with the folks went well. I am sure they worry about you all the way there in LA! It looks like you are quite plugged into a creative community there ...but how you eat so healthy is beyond me but inspiration too, must say. Keep it up. :)

lissa said...

the colors are wonderful. the koala is so cute. good take on the theme. & the card is cute too.

have a lovely day.

alarmcat said...

oh, who can resist the cuteness of a koala bear!! love that you included them in your drawings. both are very nice but i'm drawn especially to the first one. i love all the bold colors.

Alexandra said...

I just love the koala bear and their tea pot. SUPER cute! :)