Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comic Convention/Zine Convention Season, and News Coverage Update! Plus Coloring Books, Ink, and Art By Kids, Oh My!

Hello, All!  As it's Comic Con and Zine Season, and I had a really cool opportunity today, I wanted to post a quick update to my blog!  My work can be seen as you keep scrolling down, but I have neat update first.  At Barnsdall Art Center, where I teach, the very nice people over at Los Angeles News Channel 36 came to the park, to feature us in their "Art Zone" segment.  It should be released online and airing in a few weeks.

In any event, (as can be seen from the photo) I got interviewed, and got to talk all about teaching comics, art, illustration, to kids, and the importance of storytelling and education for kids in the sequential art medium.  I also talked a lot about Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles, and the great arts education we offer for kids and adults.  Check out our class schedule at!

In addition, I've been working on some newer things myself.  At Comics and Zine Fairs coming up,
my bi-coastal coloring book is one of the things I'll have for show and display, which you can see some samples of below.  The color sample is the cover, the rest are the book's interiors.

I am originally from New York (suburbs of NYC, although I far prefer the city), live in California, and go back and forth frequently. So, I have two homes, two places, two sets of people. Home is where the heart is, and mine is split between each side of the country, so I decided to make this coloring book to speak to that.  Anyway, the color cover was drawn with Winsor and Newton pigment markers, and the black and white below is for anyone who wants, to color it in.

The first Summer Con I know I'll be doing is the Latino Comics Expo on August 6th and 7th, at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.  I'll have bilingual card-toons, comics for kids, and the coloring book I'm showing samples of here.

Next are some sneak peeks from this coloring book, including the LES Cat Cafe page, the Vintage Coney Island dedicated page, and the page honoring food in both CA and NY!

And lastly, in addition to the How to Draw Zines for kids I have been self-publishing and expanding on (teaching kids character design, story structure, how to explore panel design in a comic, inking, and so on), I have also been able to act as a publishing company for my students!  I photocopy their zines and minicomics, and I work with Color Images (an amazing printer in Burbank), to get their accordion books, postcards, and other color self-published materials printed off site.

I teach Cartooning at several places, but at the Barnsdall Art Center, that is where I also teach the aforementioned Zine Making.  So, I have been able to get to display student comics, minicomics, accordion books, and art zines, when I table at fairs!  Their work was a big hit at this year's Los Angeles Zine Fest, and I'm looking forward to showcasing more of their stuff at other shows.  A sample of the Comics and Zines made by kids is here, below:

Well, I guess that is all for now, folks!  Take care, be well, and I will update again with more comics, art, and education news soon.




Michael said...

Wow, Donna, that is so wonderful. I just showed this to Alexandra as she hasn't had a chance to hop over yet and, yes, you have been busy. So thrilling that you got that interview with the news and the zine fair highlight. Great timing with everything else you have going on! So, btw, are you just really petite or is the woman in the photo (who looks a lot like David Tutera's old high school friend) really tall? OR maybe a bit of both? lol. Anyway, lovely shot.

You know, I have to admit, probably like your students, I get a big smile seeing how CT has inspired you and I see some of those pieces incorporated here, even expanded upon. Some of this work is so intricate and detailed. It must take ages but is certainly one of your many strengths and skill sets!

I TOTALLY love that you are so invested with these precious kids, doing those amazing accordion books, working with that Image company, helping the kids and teaching them. That is brilliant. You are so perfect for that role. It takes someone with a unique skill-set to do all that you do there. Well done. Be encouraged and I hope you get to keep at it for many years to come. It is, no doubt, incredibly appreciated.

Michael said...

P.S. I enjoyed reading about your "Art of Cartooning" class too in the Spring Class Schedule! Way to go!

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

You are one busy lady, Donna. Congrats on the interview and feature on the LA show. I totally get how you can be torn or have more than one home. It can be tough at times, but it is also a wonderful thing, because you not only have one world, but two (or more).
All the best with your zines, fairs, Comicons and other endeavours!

craftydvl said...

Hey Michael, thank you so much! Yes this stuff is the more positive busy stuff, sadly some of the other things going on right now are taking up a lot of time in my life and much more stressful. But I love drawing and cartoons and teaching, so, yay for those good busy things! The woman in the photo was lovely and beautiful and very tall! She was the News Anchor for the program. And I must admit, yes, I am rather short, five foot three and a half. Actually if you look closely and see the wooden box under my skirt, I had to stand on a platform so I would not be distractingly short for the shoot and the anchor would have to look down at me, Lol :-p And thank you so much for the kind words on the coloring book zine I put together, and the students' work! And Claudia, thank you so much too! I really appreciate the kind words from you as well, and that is true, it's good to have two things and two worlds, even when you love both and are torn between them. Thank you so much! Hope you guys keep up with your amazing art as well (-: