Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet N' Greet for Creative Tuesdays!

I am getting this in on time!  By minutes.  I will actually go back and edit the writing in this, I've been home all day sick with the flu.  But, I've been working on this coloring book page (with a drawing of myself and some of my favorite YAY things/creatures), and did an edit of it for C.T.  Thank you so much for this, Mister Toast!  This Flu is brutal.

Presenting, me and a drawing of myself with some fluffy likes, and a list of likes and dislikes:

Go to www.creativetuesdays.co.uk to see all of these cool About the Artist Submisions!


lissa said...

those cat patterns on the sleeves are so cute. and the playfulness of the cats adds fun to the piece. I also like that there is the word 'meow' behind you which could read as 'me', that is, cat speak.

wonderful piece for your coloring book and CT. hope you are feeling better.

Michael said...

I'm so sorry to read you have the flu. Ugh! But I can say that your piece here is indeed PURRRRfect. I adore cats and Alex likes them too but she is allergic to them. Boo. :( this is a wonderful piece, Donna. It would be fun to see in colour too. I love all the details ad am in 100% agreement on everything her in both categories. Whoa!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Donna, you certainly put a lot of detail into your illustrations, with lots of surprises as you look closer. I am definately a cat person and have been known to cross the road to stroke and talk to one. So I am with you on your list. Super take on the theme. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Michael said...

BTW, did you see your last self portrait meet the artist there on the CT collage? :)

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi my fellow coloring book pal, Donna. First, I am so very sorry to hear you suffering through. Having the fLU is NOT FUN at all! Second, I sure love all the detail in added to your coloring page and it was great finding out you are definitely an animal lover. I think it's great you typed your likes and dislikes and included them in the coloring page. It comes across as a comic book style which I think is wonderful. Get well soon, Donna. :-)

Alexandra said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear you've been ill lately. Awwww. I do hope you're up and about soon, and feeling like yourself. Enjoyed your "meet me" and getting to know you a bit more. :)

Janis Cox said...

Oh Donna,
So sorry that you are sick. I hope today you are feeling much better. Lots of water.
I love you - what a great picture and your loves - animals. We have a cuddly maltipoo called Snowball. Just bathed her today - she was so dirty from Arizona dust. Now she is sweet and cuddly again.

Christine said...

sorry you've been ill Donna it is going around here too! Lovely to 'meet' you and learn of your love for animals.