Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Egg (And late submission for prior) Creative Tuesdays Entry!

Happy Easter, All!

This was such an exciting challenge Mister Toast/Michael, thank you! I interpreted the prompt by drawing on egg shaped sugar cookies, with special frosting and food coloring markers, meant to be drawn on. 

Three of the cookies in particular I wanted to look like decorated eggs for C.T., w/an Easter Bunny, Easter Bilby, and Easter Koala. There were five all together. Detail shots and group photo below:

Everyone should sign up for Creative Tuesdays by this Tuesday March 29th! Link here:

Have fun and happy egg decorating!

P.S. I did the baked goodness entry but finished it too late for last C.T. Sorry it is late! Check out my baking kitties below.


Michael said...

Donna, you know if you are late posting something for a CT theme, please do let me know and I can always go back in and add you after the sign up has closed. Of course, there's no guarantee by that point that anyone will see it and visit you, as woudl happen normally. Anyway, happy to do it. As it is, let me start with your WONDERFUL baked Goodness piece. I LOVE it. It is jsut so crazily cute, decpicting a wonderful baked with love story behind it. The details are such a delight. It really is/ws perfect for that theme. Thank you for showing it to us here! I'm amazed at just how small your art is at times too. Seeing your fingertip gives a sense of size that it's about the size of sticky note?! Is that correct. Wow!

OK, on to your CT eggs! These are wonderful too. Glad you enjoyed the prompt. Yes, easter egg cookies are a great take on the theme too. Again, you have so much detail here which is pretty impressive, considering how difficult I imagine it would be to work with the icing and fondant, right?

Typical to your wonderful style, your subjects are so unique. haha, must admit, never head of an Easter Koala or bibly before...that is, until now. Thank you! Marvelous work. Thanks or taking the time to do this for all of us to enjoy. (Were the cookies yummy too, btw?)

Michael said...

P.S. I found this on the CT sidebar but you can sign up now, btw.

Alexandra said...

Donna these are fantastic and I love LOVE yoru koala bear. Awwww...Wonderful work on the theme. Hope you're doing well and having a good week. I love following you on Instagram. :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

From baked kitty goodness one week to baked cookies in another. Such a great idea to draw and paint on biscuits and with such detail as is your trade mark. I have not heard of a 'bilby' before, is this short for billabong? I bet these cookies taste just lovely, made more special with you artistic flair.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

These are sweet! I don't do much baking these days. Middle age has its problems, including food! These are lovely!

Christine said...

Donna these eggs are so you, I recognize your style. All the better they are edible with the proper paints.

lissa said...

kitties baking - how very cute. one of them maybe should be wearing an apron?

those cookies are very cute! did you eat them afterward?

have a lovely day.

Tammie Lee said...

these are absolutely charming
each one a special piece

Tracy Campbell said...

Oh my, Donna, you baked the egg cookies too! Wow! I love all of the designs, and you even laid them in a box. I simply adore your "Baked Goodness" piece too. Just look at all the detail you included. Happy Heart Drawing and Coloring, Donna. :-)

Wanda said...

Oh my adorable that you can take your talent of painting on paper, and transform those sugar cookies into little Easter masterpieces...yummm almost too cute to eat. This was a great expressiion of the theme.

Janis Cox said...

Lovely idea, Donna. Very detailed. How do you do that?

Michael said...

Donna, where are youuuuu? :)