Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Egg (And late submission for prior) Creative Tuesdays Entry!

Happy Easter, All!

This was such an exciting challenge Mister Toast/Michael, thank you! I interpreted the prompt by drawing on egg shaped sugar cookies, with special frosting and food coloring markers, meant to be drawn on. 

Three of the cookies in particular I wanted to look like decorated eggs for C.T., w/an Easter Bunny, Easter Bilby, and Easter Koala. There were five all together. Detail shots and group photo below:

Everyone should sign up for Creative Tuesdays by this Tuesday March 29th! Link here:

Have fun and happy egg decorating!

P.S. I did the baked goodness entry but finished it too late for last C.T. Sorry it is late! Check out my baking kitties below.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet N' Greet for Creative Tuesdays!

I am getting this in on time!  By minutes.  I will actually go back and edit the writing in this, I've been home all day sick with the flu.  But, I've been working on this coloring book page (with a drawing of myself and some of my favorite YAY things/creatures), and did an edit of it for C.T.  Thank you so much for this, Mister Toast!  This Flu is brutal.

Presenting, me and a drawing of myself with some fluffy likes, and a list of likes and dislikes:

Go to to see all of these cool About the Artist Submisions!