Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Creative Tuesdays. Box of Chocolates!

Hi All!

Valentines Day is fast approaching so it was fun to be able to make a C.T. card for the occasion!

The theme for this week's C.T. was Box of Chocolates.  On the inside, this card says "Eres Tan Dulce" (that means "You are so sweet" in Spanish, keeping with my punny punni-ness).  The girl is holding a box of chocolates, there's one cracked open on the floor, and there are floating chocolates framing the couple.  Flowers and chocolates are a classic Valentine's Day theme, and I thought they would be fun to put into this "Creative Tuesdays"challenge.

Like my piece last C.T., I used ink and colored it in with my new Winsor and Newton pigment markers, which are great and work like Gouache.  I had fun with the yellow and purple, too (I love using complementary colors and making things pop out whenever possible).  

I am making a bunch of these little cards for a Fair I am doing on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day.  This week's C.T. was a huge help and inspiration, since sometimes I get stuck trying to think of new and fun ways to illustrate romantic and/or V-Day themed cards.

The fair I am doing is at a great local arts center close to where I live, called Self Help Graphics.  And in 2008 it was the first place I ever sold work that I'd made/the first time I ever tried out selling my totally handmade little cards.  It was a lot of fun and a wonderful first arts vending experience.  Anyway, I was very happy, and am happy to be vending again with them and supporting an organization that is a huge boon to Los Angeles in terms of art, education, and culture.

Anyway, I have rambled too much as usual.  Onto some links!

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, you must do so today by the end of the day!  The theme is "Box of Chocolates," and you can submit at the link here:


To check out C.T. Overall, please go to:


To check out the work of our co-op creator and organizer, Mister Toast, please go to:


And lastly, for information on the art fair I spoke about, here it is:


Thanks for reading and hope everybody has a sweet day (yuk yuk, although I do really most sincerely mean that ^_^ )


lissa said...

this is a sweet card, love all the hearts and chocolates and their cute faces.

have a sweet day.

Tammie Lee said...

ah, this is adorable! love all the detail, the entire scene.

Janis Cox said...

What a great idea and a lovely imaginative card. May you have a wonderful time at the fair, meet many people and sell lots of cards.

Christine said...

Awww this is so sweet Valentine's is coming up so soon!

Wanda said...

What a sweet card, and I'm sure I see her blushing. We live in such a "out in the front" world, a lot of people forget that blushing is a good thing. I truly love this feeling between this boy and girl. Precious would be my word for it.

Michael said...

I love your little cards and funny punny punni-ness! :) Adorable. This story depicted is jsut that. I'm glad to that you pointed out the opened up box on the floor as well and how you added the Spanish to it. It gives it that extra textured cultural feel. LOVE that!

You know, Donna, I was showing my sons tonight not just this piece but also several of your other contributions as they clearly remember several of yours from years back. As they each noted to me, you have defined your own niche and distinctive style as they said which is perfect for what you do. I totally agree.

We all love your comic book like style. (BTW, my own son was blown away by your NY and LA piece! he said you absolutely must have a Tumblr site as your pieces are perfect for that platform! Well, as it is, this craft fair looks a good degree fun and good for the community too. Keep it up. Thanks again, Donna, for your entry and write up. So so glad when it can help towards some art goal too as you mentioned! :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

I so agreed with Michael you really have do have a distintive style and it shows that you really think about what you want to portray with all the little extras. I love all the choclates framing them. This is perfect for valentine's day and I hope you do well at the market.

Helen said...

I love your style - it's just wonderful. Love the scene and how it's been painted. Fab! Happy CT x

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, somehow I missed seeing this post. Your art is delightful. :-)