Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Creative Tuesdays" and the (Incredible) Theme of FUZZY! (Wuzzy Was A Bear :-D )

So, anyone who even knows me vaguely and in the slightest knows that I love all things FUZZY (be it a teddy bear, a cat, a dog, a pet, anything with four legs and fur, regardless of if it walks around and breathes, or is secretly alive like "The Velveteen Rabbit"), so, this was a super exciting theme for me!

Below is a handmade Valentine's Day Card I made for the fair I mentioned in my last C.T. blog entry, which was great fun and full of lots of great people, crafters, artists, and even chefs/musicians.  I actually drew this Valentine's Day Card, specially with this C.T. challenge in mind:

I can't recall the exact pun in side (I'll have to look it up and then edit this blog entry), but, it used the pun "eres maravill-oso," which in Spanish means "you are marvelous."  However, "oso" also means bear in Spanish.  So, hyphenating the end of the original word ("maravilloso") just so, with the front image, was a silly pun for anyone who could read it :-p

If you look closely, you can also see that one of the bears is actually a Marsupial, and yes, is meant to look like my little stuffed animal Fuzzles The Koala (who I am so obsessed with).

One more photo that I have to share, related to the theme of "Fuzzy."  One of the vendors made nail decals and also customized pencils, and I had her make me some special pencils, all for my favorite teddy bear!  Er, marsupial.  Anyway, the proof of that is below, and I am probably irrationally excited to have all these customized marsupially magnificent pencils now:

All right.  Without further ado, everyone should go sign up and enter this challenge.  If they have yet to create something Awesomely Fuzzy, there's time before end of day today; check out the rules at the link ^_^ Thank you a ton, Michael/Mister Toast, for C.T. as always, and for this theme allowing me to (continually) obsess over something I love, i.e., stuffed bears, and drawing them.

(BTW, I LOVED the image prompt with the fabulous bunny from Kei Acerda's work; I love Acerda's work as well as all of the work out of Imaginism studios/also Bobby Chiu, and both Acerda's and Chiu's amazing concept design, character design, and illustration work).

Head on over to www.creativetuesdays.blogspot.co.uk to see Mister Toast's blog overall, and then go to this link to enter this specific challenge: http://creativetuesdays.blogspot.com/2016/02/half-past-nine-by-kei-acedera-of.html

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks again everyone for being awesome (-:

P.S. Speaking of Fuzzy.  I went to something in Long Beach CA, called the "Bulldog Beauty Parade" on Sunday/Valentine's Day... AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.  In the spirit of "fuzzy," I'll end this blog with a few photo highlights of fuzzy, beautiful, wrinkly, glorious bulldogs.  Can you tell I like wrinkly puppies?  Heh (-:

In order, below: Mimi the Bulldog dressed as Cinderella (and yes her owners made her a dress as well as a doggy stagecoach, complete with magic horse), a Hula Girl Bulldog, and a Pug and Bulldog pair of Best Friends.

I can't even emphasize enough how glorious I found this event (I go every year).  I don't have a Bulldog (Beagle Mix; he stayed home), but, they let spectators who love them come to this event, play with them, pet them, and watch them do a little parade as themselves, and/or themselves in outfits like the ones you can see below.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Creative Tuesdays. Box of Chocolates!

Hi All!

Valentines Day is fast approaching so it was fun to be able to make a C.T. card for the occasion!

The theme for this week's C.T. was Box of Chocolates.  On the inside, this card says "Eres Tan Dulce" (that means "You are so sweet" in Spanish, keeping with my punny punni-ness).  The girl is holding a box of chocolates, there's one cracked open on the floor, and there are floating chocolates framing the couple.  Flowers and chocolates are a classic Valentine's Day theme, and I thought they would be fun to put into this "Creative Tuesdays"challenge.

Like my piece last C.T., I used ink and colored it in with my new Winsor and Newton pigment markers, which are great and work like Gouache.  I had fun with the yellow and purple, too (I love using complementary colors and making things pop out whenever possible).  

I am making a bunch of these little cards for a Fair I am doing on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day.  This week's C.T. was a huge help and inspiration, since sometimes I get stuck trying to think of new and fun ways to illustrate romantic and/or V-Day themed cards.

The fair I am doing is at a great local arts center close to where I live, called Self Help Graphics.  And in 2008 it was the first place I ever sold work that I'd made/the first time I ever tried out selling my totally handmade little cards.  It was a lot of fun and a wonderful first arts vending experience.  Anyway, I was very happy, and am happy to be vending again with them and supporting an organization that is a huge boon to Los Angeles in terms of art, education, and culture.

Anyway, I have rambled too much as usual.  Onto some links!

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, you must do so today by the end of the day!  The theme is "Box of Chocolates," and you can submit at the link here:


To check out C.T. Overall, please go to:


To check out the work of our co-op creator and organizer, Mister Toast, please go to:


And lastly, for information on the art fair I spoke about, here it is:


Thanks for reading and hope everybody has a sweet day (yuk yuk, although I do really most sincerely mean that ^_^ )