Monday, December 7, 2015

Creative Tuedays. Old World Christmas!

Hi All! This week's theme is "Old World Christmas" here at C.T., so here is my new "Joyeux Noel" old, European feeling submission, at I hope it feels European even apart from the caption en Francais.

I just finished this tonight. Seems to be a Greeting card design inspired by Victorian Christmas Cards and Vintage Fashion.

Her face is drawn with prismacolor pencil and the rest are hues from the new pigment marker collection by Winsor And Newton.  These new markers blend vibrant colour well and I am enjoying playing with them.

As happens a fair amount I am visiting family so I'm updating from my phone. It is cold in New York. Also dark, a lot. I visit my family in New York fairly often and it's not like I'm not used to the weather of where I come from despite living in California now but for some reason the time change has hit me hard this year and continues to kind of be a struggle. Even in L.A. it being dark at five bummed me out, and of course in the East Coast the Sun tends to start going down closer to four or four thirty, so ... Anyhow. I am very very very tired (without getting into specifics I would super appreciate love, prayers, Internet Hugs, and Good Vibes as many big life things are happening in my life now), and wish I could say more, but hopefully my Holiday Card speaks for itself.

Anyway, you still have time to submit! I hope I did this right via Mobile. Click on the words below to go see other submissions and to submit yourself. You have some time still to submit by, on, the Tuesday September 8th due date!

Creative Tuesdays Old World XMAS

Thank you guys as always for being awesome. And thank you, Mister Toast, for the gift of Creative Tuesdays!