Sunday, September 20, 2015

Congratulations, Card-Toonists and Zinesters!

My students at Barnsdall in the Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions at 2015 did such a great job!  I am super excited to have added Zine-Making (and Card-Tooning, since printing your own cards is also a DIY self-publishing activity (-; ) to my repertoire of Children's Classes that I teach over at Barnsdall.  Making comics, making zines, and teaching kids are all things that mean a great deal to me.  Helping people get their voices and art out there, especially at an art age, I think (and hope) is a valuable thing.

Each final class is a mini Zine Fest, and I wanted to recap the year with some snapshots of the micros, minis, and traditional zines they all drew, wrote, folded, and photocopied/stapled.  I also loved the Cards they made that we got printed off site.  I can't wait for next year's students and amazing works.

Great job Everyone!  Hope everyone enjoys the photos and sneak peeks of their work from the Festival.

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