Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Postage Stamp, for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All!

I've got dancers, cats, Halloween, and Inktober on my brain, so, I decided for C.T. to draw a postage stamp design combining all of those things:

This postage stamp sketch/design costs two pawprint cents (is that a thing? that's not a thing) and has a gray/spooky feel for Halloween and October.  All of the gray and black was drawn in ink, as I am trying to keep my art done in this medium given the #inktober challenges going on-- for anyone who doesn't know, it's to do an ink drawing every day in october.  And finally, the main characters are a dancer girl and her kitty.  Who apparently likes to swat/bat/hold down pieces of ribbon or string, so, she and her toeshoes are semi trapped for the moment.

I have never designed a postage stamp before, so, this was quite fun!  And I liked trying to stick to a limited color palate, as I often use many many colors.  The gray/black/white/pink limitations were fun and I think more appropriate with ballet as part of the theme.

So, everyone else who did something for this Creative Tuesdays challenge, please go sign up at Mister Toast's blog!  Here's the link:

And for anyone else who might be on the Internet using Instagram, please feel free to follow me over there and also get inspired to do ink drawings daily for #Inktober!  Mister Toast and Alex have been doing some really cool ones as well.  

My IG handle is: www.instagram.com/drawdvl

Hope you guys are all well!  All my best and thanks again to everyone's kind words, and Michael's generosity, for the giveaway win last week ^_^  C.T. is a great community and it's really fun to look forward to checking in with a great group of virtual friends and artists each week for inspiration, encouragement, and seeing great artwork and ideas.

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Christine said...

congrats on the win Donna, and I like your creative take on the postage stamp, very seasonal!

lissa said...

this is adorable, love the ballet shoes.

hope you have a lovely day.

Wanda said...

Congratulations on your fun gift win. I won it several years ago, and Michael knows how to make a lovely gift.

You postage stamp is adorable. I would put that on my letter!

Janis Cox said...

I don't do much Instagram but am now following you. I guess I should post all my paintings there. But I am still not sure how to do it except on my Ipad.

Love this stamp - the colours are terrific.


Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, love your ballerina and the cats eyes are alive. The play on Saturday "Caturday" was cute. You managed to add a lot of detail to your lovely stamp. :-)

Michael said...

you're so kind, Donna, in your words to all. thank you! you make CT rock. Happy for you that your name was picked. Just mailed the box so you should get it in about 6 days or so. Can't wait. Only wish we could record your reactions as you did it. how fun would that be?

Really glad you are doing Inktober too. Alex is doing great with that. meanwhile, I am falling off the bandwagon with everything, sorry to say. Really do have some other great ideas to explore though.

ALSO, love that you enjoyed this stamp theme, doing something new. new for me too, actually. Such challenges are good for our creative thinking caps, no?

Anyway...love your piece. I wouldn't say spooky but still halloweeny and I adore those two paw print cents for the cost. Hee. Fun. I love it too when you draw your girls with that lovely kind of hair cut. It's almost goth yet old fashioned bop too. Very fun and eclectic. That interchange between the ribbon and bird is a nice play too.

So, the knot or hole in the box? Any reason for that? I can imagine a mouse popping out of it or the kitty looking in ...unless its just a knot! The pink colour is fun too.

Great interpretation. Thank you!

Alexandra said...

Awwww...thanks for the shout out! :) I LOVE your 2-color postage stamp here. Incredibly fun. You have such a unique style. Super fun! :)

craftydvl said...

Hi guys, thank you for your kind words! Yay that everyone likes the girl and the kitty cat ^_^

Michael, sadly, I think that's just a fault of the sketch! It's actually supposed to be that the cat is in front of a chest of drawers, and I think what you are saying is a hole is the knob. The cat is in front of the other one. I thought of making it a different color so it would pop out more, but then just kept it pink. Oh well :-D And yes, I like the kind of layered not quite bob, but also with bangs hair cut. Mine is sort of like that right now (a little longer at the moment, I have to wait until after Halloween to cut it as I'm wearing a wig for Halloween and my hair won't stay under the wig cap if I cut it too short), and I am looking forward to getting a hair cut when I can. I find shorter is easier. Anyway, I am excited to see your next projects and art, inktober or not! Thanks again for your kind words and I am so looking forward to your package.