Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Black Cat!

Here is "Black Cat," for Creative Tuesdays, and in celebration of Black Cat Day! I luckily have my own giant, live-in, fluffy art model, who I used as reference for this challenge.

I live with a thirty pound Black Cat. Who is shameless. He loves lying on his back for comfort, belly rubs, and overall being cute and ridiculous. He is so spoiled, he will actually swat at you if he wants to be petted and you ignore him. Anyway. I drew him and added a couch background, as well as a drawing of him within the drawing, because this is one of his very "Draw me like one of your French Girls," a la "Titanic," unfortunate yet shameless and adorable poses. I love this little big guy.

Also, as a special announcement. Black Cats and Dogs make wonderful pets! They are often the last to be adopted in shelters, and the first to be euthanized. If you ever need a pet, please consider getting one. I have known many noir furred friends, and they are always very sweet and loving. If you already have such a pet, as I do, even if they go outside sometimes, please keep them inside your house this week and on Halloween especially. People pull horrible pranks and worse on them at this time of year, and it is important to keep your fur babies safe and away from anyone who would do something mean and cruel to them.

Okay, rant over. Without further ado, I am typing out the link to submit to this C.T. Purrfect challenge! I apologize, ugh, posting from my phone which for some reason won't let me copy the exact link, or live link to Mr. Toast's blog. However, you can copy and paste the link below, go to the top entry labeled "Black Cat," and then submit your name and link in the linksy box:

Submit at that link, and you have until 6:00 PM Mountain Time today, the 28th of October:

 Thank you as always Michael/Mister Toast.   (-: I loved this challenge, and am glad to get the chance to immortalize my giant fluffy friend.

Hope everyone's weeks are the Cat's Meow! (-;



lissa said...

he looks like he's ready for someone to snap his photograph. very cute & just perfect for CT.

have a lovely day.

Wanda said...

Your cat in reality and in painting is so cute. Our youngest daughter lives in Oregon and has a 30 pound black cat named Catilina. She's 14 years old and loves to lay on her back too.

Janis Cox said...

A lovely painting and like where you put him - lounging in the settee. Beautiful use of colour. I just visited a house with a cat but he wouldn't come out from under the bed.

Christine said...

Adorable black cat! He looks so comfortable.

Katie Hone said...

Aw sweet cat! I also agree with black animals being adopted last. Though I have no pets I've heard of this strange phenomenon where people prefer different coloured animals? Strange huh! It's good to put the word out, I don't think people realise...

Michael said...

Immortalizing one's pet is even better and what a chummy fellow he is. I so loved reading your write up of what poses he wanted to do. Adorable indeed. Aww. Love the lounger for him as well. Perfect luxury for a larger than life cat. He does look so regal with his almost court like fur collar too.

I totally agree with you about protecting one's pets during these holidays. Horrid that anyone would be so cruel, especially any adults!

As you know, we have a black scottie and I've had a black cat before when young. They make for wonderful pets. I'm sad to have to kennel our pups whilst away for the upcoming funeral.

Thanks again for your excellent entry, Donna.

Tracy Campbell said...

Super cat! Donna. And I read your lovely comments that you posted on Instagram! :-)

Michael said...

Donna, just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving night. I hope your day was full of fun. Wonder if you went back to NY for you family or not today? Safe travels. We are thankful to have your spirit and creativity in our blog worlds. Thank you for being you. I love your originality. :)