Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Black Cat!

Here is "Black Cat," for Creative Tuesdays, and in celebration of Black Cat Day! I luckily have my own giant, live-in, fluffy art model, who I used as reference for this challenge.

I live with a thirty pound Black Cat. Who is shameless. He loves lying on his back for comfort, belly rubs, and overall being cute and ridiculous. He is so spoiled, he will actually swat at you if he wants to be petted and you ignore him. Anyway. I drew him and added a couch background, as well as a drawing of him within the drawing, because this is one of his very "Draw me like one of your French Girls," a la "Titanic," unfortunate yet shameless and adorable poses. I love this little big guy.

Also, as a special announcement. Black Cats and Dogs make wonderful pets! They are often the last to be adopted in shelters, and the first to be euthanized. If you ever need a pet, please consider getting one. I have known many noir furred friends, and they are always very sweet and loving. If you already have such a pet, as I do, even if they go outside sometimes, please keep them inside your house this week and on Halloween especially. People pull horrible pranks and worse on them at this time of year, and it is important to keep your fur babies safe and away from anyone who would do something mean and cruel to them.

Okay, rant over. Without further ado, I am typing out the link to submit to this C.T. Purrfect challenge! I apologize, ugh, posting from my phone which for some reason won't let me copy the exact link, or live link to Mr. Toast's blog. However, you can copy and paste the link below, go to the top entry labeled "Black Cat," and then submit your name and link in the linksy box:

Submit at that link, and you have until 6:00 PM Mountain Time today, the 28th of October:

 Thank you as always Michael/Mister Toast.   (-: I loved this challenge, and am glad to get the chance to immortalize my giant fluffy friend.

Hope everyone's weeks are the Cat's Meow! (-;


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Postage Stamp, for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All!

I've got dancers, cats, Halloween, and Inktober on my brain, so, I decided for C.T. to draw a postage stamp design combining all of those things:

This postage stamp sketch/design costs two pawprint cents (is that a thing? that's not a thing) and has a gray/spooky feel for Halloween and October.  All of the gray and black was drawn in ink, as I am trying to keep my art done in this medium given the #inktober challenges going on-- for anyone who doesn't know, it's to do an ink drawing every day in october.  And finally, the main characters are a dancer girl and her kitty.  Who apparently likes to swat/bat/hold down pieces of ribbon or string, so, she and her toeshoes are semi trapped for the moment.

I have never designed a postage stamp before, so, this was quite fun!  And I liked trying to stick to a limited color palate, as I often use many many colors.  The gray/black/white/pink limitations were fun and I think more appropriate with ballet as part of the theme.

So, everyone else who did something for this Creative Tuesdays challenge, please go sign up at Mister Toast's blog!  Here's the link:

And for anyone else who might be on the Internet using Instagram, please feel free to follow me over there and also get inspired to do ink drawings daily for #Inktober!  Mister Toast and Alex have been doing some really cool ones as well.  

My IG handle is:

Hope you guys are all well!  All my best and thanks again to everyone's kind words, and Michael's generosity, for the giveaway win last week ^_^  C.T. is a great community and it's really fun to look forward to checking in with a great group of virtual friends and artists each week for inspiration, encouragement, and seeing great artwork and ideas.

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