Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Dream" for Creative Tuesdays!

Yay, I got my "Creative Tuesdays" dream piece in on time!  Exciting :-D  I am really sad I missed the Container Garden prompt (I've been collecting, drawing, and creating art/stories based on little Cacti and Succulents since the summer), and my original plan was to combine this prompt with that one as I missed that prompt.  

But, time wise I was not able to plan out a complicated Cacti/Dream piece, so, I went with my go-theme in art/life/my brain.  Which, was and ink and Tombo Pen Marker piece with Koalas.  Or, a sleepy little Koala in this case ^_^

My "Dream" piece features this Marsupial dreaming of himself in British Bear wear, wearing the Beefeater Costume that one of my teddy bears from London has.  I've been missing/dreaming of/wanting to go back to London (I went to school there for six months in 2005 and visited for a week in 2009 and really want to go again).  It's also a dream of mine to travel more, and also specifically go to Australia (there would be so many great artistic things to see, and the chance to hold a breathing cuddly/possibly ferocious Koala would be the best), so, I decided to draw a little Koala dreaming of himself in London.

Another dream I have would be to have my phone properly working again )-:  For some very strange reason, the camera has stopped functioning right.  Which, is a big problem given having to photograph and post art online, but, moving on.  Anyway, I played with the piece in photo editing software to try and fix the uneven-ness of the lighting from after my photographing my piece, so, I hope it's sufficiently clear.  I'm not sure if anyone ever follows Astrological goings on, but, Mercury in Retrograde is approaching, and it's a notoriously bad time for all things electronic, so, I'm thinking I won't even try to think about fixing my phone until that time has passed.  

When I'm back near a scanner I'll have to scan a higher and better resolution of this piece in.  Dare I say, a Higher Koala-Ty (bwaaaaahahahaha), resolution of this piece?  Sadly I can never resist a good (or awful) pun

Anyway, I am really glad to be back looking at everyone's wonderful C.T. work!  Hope you guys have all been well, and that it is a week where your dreams come true.




Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna,
I enjoyed reading about your inspiration for the sweet illustration of your Bear. It's wonderful to have dreams and your dream to go back to London and visit Australia is a great dream, or as I would call it, having a bucket full of dreams. Sorry to hear your phone camera isn't working at the moment. Glad you were able to participate this time round.

Wanda said...

I sure enjoyed your post and your comment on mine. I left a response for you if you have a minutes to go back and check it out.

Your work is alway so cute and to the point...I think you little bear likes daydreaming too.

I would love to travel...but now all my travels are to visit grandchildren when we have a dozen.

Sending hugs.

lissa said...

sweet! I think I see his smile and perhaps getting larger by the minute. nice take on the theme.

have a lovely day.

Janis Cox said...

What great dreams - England and Australia. Love your painting. The koala looks like he is dreaming. Very cute.

Christine said...

Aww this one's so cute Donna!

Michael said...

"Higher Koala-Ty"--Hahaha, you so crack me up, Donna. Sweet clever piece here. Thank you. And yes, dreams of London! Even though I have lived here so long, I think one's formulative years never leave one and so it isn't surprising I still regularly, weekly I would say, dream of being in London just living life. In fact, I never feel as much "me or alive as I do when there. I always feel like a stranger in hick land being here in Colorado but I do love the weather here, must say. And the sunsets are incredible. Yes, Australia! My mother went to school there for almost 3 years too. I hope you get to go back to both places and takes lots of pics of you and your drawings along the way! It would be so fun to see a whole sketch book of Koalas as you make your journey, starting on the long flight to London, etc. :)