Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Gifting!

Hi All,

Below is my "Gifting" piece for Creative Tuesdays!

It's a totally handmade birthday card that I made.  I just finished the card this morning, and this is a phone upload, so please forgive some slight color weirdness.  I took the photo in sunlight and adjusted the levels back to what they look like in the original, as best I could from a mobile.

Anyway, birthday cards are great fun to give and receive, so the "gifting" story in this image is the girl, being gifted with surprise presents from her kitties.  One a more normal kitty, and the other a flying kitten.  I imagine in their backstory she rescued them, and thus, has also gifted them with love and a home and other goodies that humans give their animals when they adopt them :-D

(Silly and unrelated note, I made up a cartoon character a while ago called a "Flying Witty," which was a little round flying cat, so, here that character is again-- I wonder what is in the boxes, held in the paws of each different cat?).

I am barely getting this in on time!  So without further ado, please follow the instructions below if you would like to enter this challenge, then go to the link below to see work, and/or submit work!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing everybody's great gift work,


From Mister Toast's original blog post:

"I'm encouraging anyone who has ever joined C.T. in the past to sign up this time or anyone who has always considered it before but never got around to joining. Now is your chance, made all the more sweet by the opportunity to win this fabulous giveaway full of lovely gifts from a very hip new place in our town called The HEY DAY Store (instagram:@theheydaystore)! 

Can't wait to see your entries and find out too who will win. It's going to be exciting. As mentioned earlier, entries for the drawing are only for those who follow the CT guidelines and create a piece specifically for this theme of GIFTING — giving a gift to someone. 

How to enter the drawing:  

  • Participate in this Creative Tuesdays
  • Sign up with a link to your own art piece 
  • Cannot combine art co-ops (C.T. only)
  • Sign up by Tuesday evening (MDT), Sept 29th
  • EXTRA entry for anyone who brings someone else to sign up.

Winner will be announced Thursday, Oct 1st, giving you each time to visit the other entries.

Link to see other entries, and submit, below! 



lissa said...

this looks great. the colors does not look odd to me, it looks just fine on my screen. I like the kitty with wings and her hearts/kitty pattern shirt. this looks like a good party to go to. great take on the ct theme.

have a lovely day.

Christine said...

Very nice 'gift' card. I thought the kitty was a gift at first, that would be cute too!

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, so glad you finished your wonderful gifting piece in time. Love the colors and the flying kitty, and I'm impressed that your phone takes such good quality photos. Thank you for sharing what your thought process was as you created your image. :-)

Tammie Lee said...

such an adorable piece
i also wonder what is in the package the kitty is holding

Michael said...

Yes, Donna, I'm wondering what might be in Flying Witty's package too! haha. LOVE this piece. So well illustrated and full of love. It is very joyous. Thank you for contributing it to CT and for your lovely write up, as always!

good luck in the drawing!

Alexandra said...

Donna, your card is darling! LOVE the kitten peeking out of the box. Lovely idea and wonderful, bright colors! :)

Janis Cox said...

Such a sweet picture and makes me so curious - Thanks for telling me about the kittens and I do wonder what is in their packages? Great colour as well.

Niina Niskanen said...

Adorable piece Donna. I used to volunteer in an animal shelter so story with these two kitties is very good for the gifting theme.