Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chill Lazy Days of Summer for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All,

I am out of town visiting family! So, this will be a quicker update than normal, from my phone. Below is my Chill/Lazy Days of Summer C.T. submission:

It's a Watercolor and Prismacolor sketch of a little Koala, Chilling by the beach, enjoying iced tea, on a Lazy Day of Summer! Hopefully enjoying the Koala-Tea relaxation time (-:

When I next get on the computer, I will read everyone's great entries! I hope this posts correctly. In the meantime, you have until 12:00 AM Pacific time tonight to submit, below:


Happy Creative Tuesdays! All the hugs,



Wanda said...

Very cute.....Love the ice tea.. Have a nice time with family. Hugs

Michael said...

OOh, so glad you got this up in time, Donna. A perfect lazy summer day there. I love how darling this little chappie is. REally love how you did the waves too. Thank you. Love it.

lissa said...

he looks relax. is that watermelon patterns on his shirt? very cute.

have a lovely day.

Janis Cox said...

That's what we have been doing this week - but we have 7 grandchildren and 8 adults and one dog. So our chillin' is limited but still lots of fun. Great picture!