Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chill Lazy Days of Summer for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All,

I am out of town visiting family! So, this will be a quicker update than normal, from my phone. Below is my Chill/Lazy Days of Summer C.T. submission:

It's a Watercolor and Prismacolor sketch of a little Koala, Chilling by the beach, enjoying iced tea, on a Lazy Day of Summer! Hopefully enjoying the Koala-Tea relaxation time (-:

When I next get on the computer, I will read everyone's great entries! I hope this posts correctly. In the meantime, you have until 12:00 AM Pacific time tonight to submit, below:


Happy Creative Tuesdays! All the hugs,


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Picnic for Creative Tuesdays (As well as another art update, and life/Phantom/B-Day Update)

Hello, everyone!  Below is my sketch for picnic, featuring my Echidna character, and my Raccoon character!  Their picnic is in a Desert Garden:

Echidnas are spiky, hedgehog like animals from Australia.  I've been working on a project with an Echidna character, and he makes friends with a raccoon.  I managed to get a little ink sketch in for Creative Tuesdays, just in time!

It was fun to do a looser, fun cartoon with my characters, as what I've been working on is taking forever and all being done in pencil and Prismacolor pencil, and I love those mediums but they're not as free as ink sketching.  For a #kidlit class project, as well as for myself, I've been drawing a story that features these two characters in a garden of Cacti.  Just to give everyone a feel for what's been keeping me busy, I'm including one of the initial pencil drawings (pre coloring it in with Prismacolor) from the actual main story with Raccoon and Echidna, below:

They are playing in a Cacti garden.  Or, Echidna was hiding, and she surprised/found him, so she's very excited and he's kind of stunned in place, thinking he was incognito (and wasn't).

So, the reason I got my C.T. entry in late, and am even behind in my above book project drawings, as this past weekend on August First it was my birthday!  I had a lot of fun, and I saw "Phantom of the Opera" (my favorite musical, which I have seen... I can't keep track any more, at least eleven times, possibly fifteen? been seeing it since I was eleven), on my actual birthday.  This is now the third time I've seen it actually on my birthday, so, that's exciting ^_^  I saw the touring production at the Los Angeles Pantages Theatre.  I've seen it once before at the Pantages in 2009, and also seen it in New York, London, Orange County, and Las Vegas.  I am a Phan with a capital P and H :-p  

Anyway, this production was amazing and a lot different than the Broadway version (which is what's usually done; this new production changes a lot of stuff).  The Phantom is usually shown as a dark but viable (despite some terrible things he does) romantic lead, but, this version actually really emphasized how scary a person he is.  It was beautiful and sad and you still felt for him, but, this version would be less likely to send a young girl off idealizing someone who, well, shouldn't be idealized.  Honestly, this darker/grittier/in some ways more realistic version of the show is something that it would have been better for me to see, back when I was a teen and on.  

To sort of quote "Batman," this version of "Phantom" might not be the version I thought I deserved, but it is the version that I needed.  I and my interpretation/idealization of the play and story has changed so much in the past ten years :-\  I'm now of the opinion Christine should choose neither romantic option (I find her fiance also problematic and somewhat controlling, as well as less charismatic than the Phantom for his many faults), and instead stick with her true love of singing, but, that will have to happen in some post-modern fanfiction and not onstage :-p The cast was all great, really nice, and we waited at the backstage door afterwards to get photos and autographs with them.  That was very yay!  

Anyway.  I apologize! I'm now rambling and this has nothing to do with Creative Tuesdays (anyone who likes or has seen "Phantom" and would like to discuss it further I'm definitely up for that), but, between having a fun weekend with birthday stuff, being so hyped to see the play and then so caught up thinking about it afterwards/trying to get my main illustrations for homework for Echidna/Racoon done, I am glad got my C.T. drawing done, albeit last minute.

Hope you guys are well, and if you go on a real picnic, to remember to bring Water!  In L.A. where I live and where I'm from in New York (where I visit every two months to see family), it is horribly hot, and drinking lots of water when it's crazy hot outside is always a must ^_^

Lots of Love,