Monday, June 1, 2015

Orange for Creative Tuesdays!

Above is my submission for this week's theme of orange. I more or less went with the use of orange as a color, although there is a tiny orange in part of this illustration, which was done in Prismacolor Color Pencils.

Pomeranians have orange fur, hence my doing a Pomeranian for this illustration challenge. In truth this illustration is inspired by my Pomeranian, who just passed away. She was not mine initially but mine through osmosis, and I consider my first dog. She had a very long happy life (fourteen human years), and she was very loved, she was very fluffy and sweet and silly, and sometimes, a huge princess. I love my other pets dearly but still miss this little lady very much.

Anyway, something she loved more than anything in the world was to eat. She liked to be cute, and then sometimes bratty, and either way bark and ultimately command treats. In this piece, she is dreaming of an orange, as well as an orange colored bone, piece of cheese, and chocolate chip cookie. She never did get chocolate chip cookies in life since its so bad for dogs, but luckily the cartoon immortal version of her can eat what she wants.

Lastly, this Prismacolor color pencil piece shows her sitting on an orange and blue rug, as I wanted to give orange the chance to pop against its complementary color.

So, if you want to I draw an orange or draw with orange the color, submit to C.T. by Tuesday June 2nd!

Sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:

Happy Creating!

P.S. I hope I formatted this correctly although I am not using a computer and I'm using my phone as I am out of town visiting family. I also think and hope that the link went live from Mr Toast's blog, but if not, please copy and paste it into your browser so you can check it out!


linda (dots n doodles) said...

Sorry to hear about your beloved Pomeranian Donna. I can see that your drawing was done with a lot of love (also tinged with sadness) as this shines through in that adorable face. A wonderful piece to remember her by.

lissa said...

I might have missed it but you didn't say what her name is. she is a very cute dog and this piece is a beautiful tribute to her. great take on the theme.

hope you have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

oh so sweet, the immortal pup can live on in such a beautiful way, eating all the goodies,
I know how hard it is to lose our furry family, 14 years is exactly how long my little fella lived as well, and he loved to eat as well, we used to say he lived to eat, you've honored your little friend beautifully,

Janis Cox said...

I love this picture and glad you have memories of her sweet and spunky self. I also admire that you can post from your phone. I can't even post from an IPad. Great job.

Christine said...

cute little dog you've painted, it brought a smile to my face! Happy CT Donna!

Tracy Campbell said...

Donna, you've captured a mischievous look of your beloved Pomeranian. Pets are such wonderful creatures. They love us unconditionally. Love all the orange sprinkled throughout and add the complementary blue to the rug is a great way to finish off your piece. :-)

Michael said...

AW, this is a lovely tribute to your Pomeranian. And yes, now she can nibble those choc chip cookies all day long! :) I love the idea behind this piece. It's really well done..especially for prismacolour pencil. thank you!

The link worked just fine! Well done.

craftydvl said...

Thank you all! More later, but, her name = Lulu (-:

Alexandra said...

Very cute, Donna. I really like how you created the hair strokes as well. Hope you're having a good week. :)

Michael said...

Aw, well Lulu is a great name for your lil doggie.