Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Little Twitters" for Creative Tuesdays

Here I am with Australian Creatures, again!  I have been swamped with projects/working on a personal project with a little Echidna (an Australian animal that looks like a Hedgehog Anteater), and so while I did not get the chance to break out my Prismacolors and sketch a bird from down under, I made a digital illustration using components of a watercolor and gouache illustration I'd done of a Kookaburra, a "little Twitter" from Oz who is a type of Kingfisher :-)

Since I digitally mirrored the original drawing of the bird, it ended up looking like two birds together.  Playing around with color made it ultimately look like a crest, so, I gave it the word "The Kookaburra Kingfishers."  Perhaps it's a family crest, for these little birds :-D  When I get back to drawing, perhaps I'll have my Echidna meet one of these, or a Cassowary, or another winged Aussie Animal.

Okay, so, I barely got this in!  Everyone interested in reading or posting for this avian theme of "Little Twitters," please sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:


Have a great week!  Love what I've seen so far, can't wait to see everyone's work when I pop over to all of your blogs (-:


Wanda said...

I take my hat off to those of you who can do computer drawing and digital art. This is really cute...Like the colors and the mirrored look.

craftydvl said...

Wanda, thank you so much! Truth be told, I can only do a few things with the digital stuff (I need to learn how to draw with a Wacom tablet, for instance), but I am able to do mirroring, and pattern making, and a little bit of color-changing, so, I'm glad it worked for this little piece :-) Yay, cute birdies! Great that you're back on C.T.

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna,
I love the expression in the eyes of your Aussie bird. And spinning your piece into a crest is wonderful. The colors are super too. :-)

Christine said...

They are so cute! Nice take on the theme!

lissa said...

cute for a crest but I was thinking perhaps a greeting/valentines card, it certainly would work well as one. nice little entry for ct.

have a lovely day.

Janis Cox said...

What a lovely idea. This is very interesting and I would like to learn more. And a card would be good.

Tinna Sjoeberg said...

They look really lovely, you did a great
job on this :) I can draw on the computer,
but right now I'm practicing more the brush
and pen work :)) It's a lot more relaxing
than sitting at the computer ;)

Have a beautiful day!
Tinna ✐

Michael said...

Very cute indeed, Donna, and I love your write up. Ha, you will laugh when I tell you what Alexandra said when I looked up the Echidna online. She came back downstairs adn oohed and marveled at how cute it was, then said, "It;s kind of like you, mookie" laughing all the way back upstairs! Umm... after laughing too I wondered, was that a compliment or is she saying I can get prickly...which is too true if it ever gets over about 8O degree F. Lol.

Anyway, this yes, so reminds me of a crest or a logo form some old swing era jazz band or beat band perhaps? Wonderful name too. :) thank you.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Love the little birdies and the colours too, they really make the crest look regal. What a neat idea to flip it to make an exact replica. A digital artist as well, are there no end to your talents? Great job!


fantastic post....thanx for posting

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Michael said...

Donna, I'll go ahead and add you entry up on CT as i 'm not sure you will have time, being at SDCC etc. Enjoy! :)

craftydvl said...

Hey Michael! I actually was going to post a little echidna that I drew earlier this week. I'll make sure I get it up before midnight Pacific time!

Michael said...

oh oops. I misread the post that I've already seen and commented on. I see your new post now. Oh dear me. ha. Thank you.