Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aqua For Creative Tuesdays --!!

Aqua For Creative Tuedays! Design wise, I was really inspired by the Cat Inspo Image Mr. Toast initially posted for this theme.

My watercolor and gouache piece has an Aqua Koala (Aqoala?), near water (also aqua), and an Aqua sky and clouds. There are a few cacti, just because I'm getting into, desert plants. Otherwise, this piece is mostly Aqua themed literally with water, and hue wise. Actually, I think my Aqoala looks slightly extraterrestrial-y. From Planet Marsupial!

Lastly, the piece has pops of magenta and a pink ground, as with this art also I wanted to give the aqua hues the chae to pop out against some complementing colors.

So, if you want to draw this Aqua theme, submit to C.T. by today Tuesday June 16th!

Sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:


Happy Creating!

P.S. I hope I formatted this correctly as I am still not using a computer and I'm using my phone. When I'm back online, I will comment on both everybody's Orange and Aqua themed work!


Niina Niskanen said...

Your aqua koala bear is lovely :) very peaceful artwork.

Terri Heal said...

The koala looks like he's patiently posing for you 😄 Nice work.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Donna, I just love your word 'aqoala'. Only you could come up with something like this, as you have such a great command of the written word. You are right about the magenta and pink giving it a pop of colour. I think it's his eyes that make him look like he is from another planet. Great piece all round.

Christine said...

He is so cute Donna! Nice take on the aqua theme!

Wanda said...

Donna you just have a way with animals in your art. I just want to hug him and take him home with me.

Great use of our theme color. Good to be back with the group.

Michael said...

Hahaha, I was thinking the exact same thing as Wanda above here. How funny. In fact, this Aqoala is one of your cutest Koala's ever! So love it and love how you've included all sorts of Aqua into your piece with the hot colours offsetting the cool ones. Fantastic. BTW, Aqoala is a brilliant name, Donna. this radiates you and makes me very happy actually. I so love it. Well done!

Thank you too, btw, going back and =commenting on others when able. I am amazed at how much you can do with your phone. I'm afraid with my typing skills already lacking, teh small keys on my Android make it that much worse so no go there for me, must say. But you? Knock yourself out, girl!

lissa said...

your Aqoala is cute and yes, the eyes a bit like an alien but still cute. all the blues works well with the pink. great take on the theme.

have a lovely day.

Alexandra said...

Your aqua-koala is so cute. Awwww...love that you love koals! Hee :)

Tracy Campbell said...

Donna, very creative play on the word "aqua"...aquola. I see you really love Koula's. I do too and I love how his hands are behind his back. He looks like he's been up to some mischieve. Thanks for sharing your piece, Donna. :-)

Janis Cox said...

Such a cute picture. I love how you make the expressions and body language.