Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Little Twitters" for Creative Tuesdays

Here I am with Australian Creatures, again!  I have been swamped with projects/working on a personal project with a little Echidna (an Australian animal that looks like a Hedgehog Anteater), and so while I did not get the chance to break out my Prismacolors and sketch a bird from down under, I made a digital illustration using components of a watercolor and gouache illustration I'd done of a Kookaburra, a "little Twitter" from Oz who is a type of Kingfisher :-)

Since I digitally mirrored the original drawing of the bird, it ended up looking like two birds together.  Playing around with color made it ultimately look like a crest, so, I gave it the word "The Kookaburra Kingfishers."  Perhaps it's a family crest, for these little birds :-D  When I get back to drawing, perhaps I'll have my Echidna meet one of these, or a Cassowary, or another winged Aussie Animal.

Okay, so, I barely got this in!  Everyone interested in reading or posting for this avian theme of "Little Twitters," please sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:


Have a great week!  Love what I've seen so far, can't wait to see everyone's work when I pop over to all of your blogs (-:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aqua For Creative Tuesdays --!!

Aqua For Creative Tuedays! Design wise, I was really inspired by the Cat Inspo Image Mr. Toast initially posted for this theme.

My watercolor and gouache piece has an Aqua Koala (Aqoala?), near water (also aqua), and an Aqua sky and clouds. There are a few cacti, just because I'm getting into, desert plants. Otherwise, this piece is mostly Aqua themed literally with water, and hue wise. Actually, I think my Aqoala looks slightly extraterrestrial-y. From Planet Marsupial!

Lastly, the piece has pops of magenta and a pink ground, as with this art also I wanted to give the aqua hues the chae to pop out against some complementing colors.

So, if you want to draw this Aqua theme, submit to C.T. by today Tuesday June 16th!

Sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:


Happy Creating!

P.S. I hope I formatted this correctly as I am still not using a computer and I'm using my phone. When I'm back online, I will comment on both everybody's Orange and Aqua themed work!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Orange for Creative Tuesdays!

Above is my submission for this week's theme of orange. I more or less went with the use of orange as a color, although there is a tiny orange in part of this illustration, which was done in Prismacolor Color Pencils.

Pomeranians have orange fur, hence my doing a Pomeranian for this illustration challenge. In truth this illustration is inspired by my Pomeranian, who just passed away. She was not mine initially but mine through osmosis, and I consider my first dog. She had a very long happy life (fourteen human years), and she was very loved, she was very fluffy and sweet and silly, and sometimes, a huge princess. I love my other pets dearly but still miss this little lady very much.

Anyway, something she loved more than anything in the world was to eat. She liked to be cute, and then sometimes bratty, and either way bark and ultimately command treats. In this piece, she is dreaming of an orange, as well as an orange colored bone, piece of cheese, and chocolate chip cookie. She never did get chocolate chip cookies in life since its so bad for dogs, but luckily the cartoon immortal version of her can eat what she wants.

Lastly, this Prismacolor color pencil piece shows her sitting on an orange and blue rug, as I wanted to give orange the chance to pop against its complementary color.

So, if you want to I draw an orange or draw with orange the color, submit to C.T. by Tuesday June 2nd!

Sign up at Michael slash Mister Toast's blog at:


Happy Creating!

P.S. I hope I formatted this correctly although I am not using a computer and I'm using my phone as I am out of town visiting family. I also think and hope that the link went live from Mr Toast's blog, but if not, please copy and paste it into your browser so you can check it out!