Monday, May 4, 2015

"Wet" for Creative Tuesdays

Above is my submission for "C.T." and the theme of "Wet." Recently, I've gotten really into succulents, cacti, and desert plants.  Lucky for them, many of those plants are largely drought tolerant. However, many other normal plants are not, presenting huge problems where I live (in L.A.).

So, I did this cute, although sad, Kawaii cartoon of a little Cacti trying to help his Flower friend to drink up, stay wet, and keep hydrated in the drought.  It's an ink and Prismacolor Colored Pencil sketch in my Moleskine notebook.

I figured there isn't too much wet in this cartoon, but, unfortunately that's a bit of the case in general in California right now :-\ Less water showed more, in the case of the illustration on this situation.

I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples' interpretations of this theme!  Rainboots, the ocean, and storms come to mind :-D  People interested in submitting to the Creative Tuesdays collective can do so by/on May 5th at latest.  Below is the link to the description of this challenge:

And below that, the overall blog link run by the Organizer Mister Toast, who will post on May 5th the link to link to your blog entry:

Thanks as always to everyone in this collective!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's art ^_^




Michael said...

Donna, clever cute (and original) take on the theme, if not terribly apropos for CA with it's under 400% shortfall! Was just reading about it this w/e in the paper. Terrible.

Thank you!

Oh, and you can sing up same post you linked to. Please do so so that peeps can see your stuff! Thanks again!

craftydvl said...

Hi Michael! So glad you like it :-D Yeah I was inspired to do something where it being wet was a focus, even though there was a huge dearth of water. It is a huge problem :-( Supposedly desalination and other things are potential solutions if people are willing to pay for it. We'll see what the various leaders do/say/hopefully help.

BTW I feel mad, but cannot see a link either at the or link. Is it just not popping up on my screen? Let me know, thank you! Thanks as always for this super fun collective ^_^

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, oh the poor captured this so nicely with her tongue just waiting for a drink of water. And you've also shown the importance of caring for others with your cactus guy watering the flower. It made me smile. :-)

lissa said...

this is adorable. I guess I would have make them smile since the flower is getting its water. great take on the CT theme.

hope you have a lovely day.

Christine said...

so cute, that is a thirsty flower! Hope the California drought eases up soon.

Janis Cox said...

Oh so true. I love your take on this. Helping one another is the way to go. Beautiful drawing. I got thirst looking at it.

Michael said...

Oh good, well, it looks like you've figured out where to sign up but I didn't have that one the blog until late monday night anyway.

Speaking of de-salination plants. There was a good article in the Times too about how Australia faced a terrible multi year drought in the early 2000's and actually built EIGHT desalination plants. But, guess what? how much potable or even usable water was produced? NOT ONE DROP! Yes, that's right. 5 of the plants were shut down before they were even completed as it quickly became apparent it was simply too cost prohibitive. They couldn't afford it! Whoa. Makes me wonder how Israel does it so well? !!

Mariane C said...

WOW.... That is a cute drawing/painting indeed. I love it...Thank you so much for sharing and hopefully all is well soon with you see links and such?

Kind regards

linda (dots n doodles) said...

This made me smile Donna and I love the expressions you have given them.