Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fairy Tale Tree, for C.T.!

So, I began this as a Fairy-Tale Birthday style tree (one that bloomed balloons), and I was drawing it at work Saturday on a break, and then my co-worker and good friend asked me to turn it into a full-blown Birthday Card.  Yay, on the spot commission!

So, this is a Magical Koala-Ty Koala-Tree!  Oh, me and my insane Marsupial puns.  Anyway, the card was ultimately for my friend's friend with a two year old Baby, hence, the Koala Momma and Baby.

I think a tree that bloomed things, in addition to flowers, would be magical.  A tree of teddy bears, a tree of hearts, etc.  That's how I got the idea for a tree of Balloons, and, I'm glad it was well received enough to turn into a full greeting card and to get a new home ^_^  I did it with ink and watercolor.

This challenge for Creative Tuesdays was brought to you by Michael/Mister Toast, who is awesome, and runs this collective!  Check out his blog below:

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Thanks for reading!  Have a High Koala-Ty Day.  Or Koala-Tea, if you like that better than Coffee ^_^

Monday, May 4, 2015

"Wet" for Creative Tuesdays

Above is my submission for "C.T." and the theme of "Wet." Recently, I've gotten really into succulents, cacti, and desert plants.  Lucky for them, many of those plants are largely drought tolerant. However, many other normal plants are not, presenting huge problems where I live (in L.A.).

So, I did this cute, although sad, Kawaii cartoon of a little Cacti trying to help his Flower friend to drink up, stay wet, and keep hydrated in the drought.  It's an ink and Prismacolor Colored Pencil sketch in my Moleskine notebook.

I figured there isn't too much wet in this cartoon, but, unfortunately that's a bit of the case in general in California right now :-\ Less water showed more, in the case of the illustration on this situation.

I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples' interpretations of this theme!  Rainboots, the ocean, and storms come to mind :-D  People interested in submitting to the Creative Tuesdays collective can do so by/on May 5th at latest.  Below is the link to the description of this challenge:


And below that, the overall blog link run by the Organizer Mister Toast, who will post on May 5th the link to link to your blog entry:


Thanks as always to everyone in this collective!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's art ^_^