Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teaching at LBZF, and The Debut of " 'Card-Tooning' and Zine-Making!"

Yay!  I've been really busy this past month, and excitingly, a lot of that is from education, comics related things, and making zines/getting to teach it to kids!  I myself have been taking an illustration class at Art Center's "Art Center at Night" program, which is a lot of fun, and giving me inspiration for lessons with my own students.

I have also started teaching a new course, in addition to "The Art of Cartooning," at Barnsdall Art Park.  It's called "Card-tooning and Zine-Making," and it's a course for kids who want to self publish their own zines, as well as card/art content!

Below is a sample from the first lesson, which I hope people find useful!  It's an introduction of how to make a class anthology and use themes (which came after my showing them how to fold mini zines, which, I think I've finally mastered).  The kids' anthology is really cool, and has a great mix of art and writing, all mixed together.  The activity I list in there about how to make up your own character/monster, by picking various ones out of a hat, is also a fun one to try. Anyway, scroll down for a peek of what the zinester kids have learned:

And lastly, speaking of students, I did a workshop while tabling at Long Beach Zine Fest on April 24th.  It was a lot of fun and the kids/baby zinesters/artists were awesome, and came up with great character drawings.  I do not have any photos of my workshop during the event, but here's a shot of me making a silly face at my table.

Hope everyone is well, and having a great April (-:

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