Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teaching at LBZF, and The Debut of " 'Card-Tooning' and Zine-Making!"

Yay!  I've been really busy this past month, and excitingly, a lot of that is from education, comics related things, and making zines/getting to teach it to kids!  I myself have been taking an illustration class at Art Center's "Art Center at Night" program, which is a lot of fun, and giving me inspiration for lessons with my own students.

I have also started teaching a new course, in addition to "The Art of Cartooning," at Barnsdall Art Park.  It's called "Card-tooning and Zine-Making," and it's a course for kids who want to self publish their own zines, as well as card/art content!

Below is a sample from the first lesson, which I hope people find useful!  It's an introduction of how to make a class anthology and use themes (which came after my showing them how to fold mini zines, which, I think I've finally mastered).  The kids' anthology is really cool, and has a great mix of art and writing, all mixed together.  The activity I list in there about how to make up your own character/monster, by picking various ones out of a hat, is also a fun one to try. Anyway, scroll down for a peek of what the zinester kids have learned:

And lastly, speaking of students, I did a workshop while tabling at Long Beach Zine Fest on April 24th.  It was a lot of fun and the kids/baby zinesters/artists were awesome, and came up with great character drawings.  I do not have any photos of my workshop during the event, but here's a shot of me making a silly face at my table.

Hope everyone is well, and having a great April (-:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happiness for Creative Tuesday: Bright Colors and Kawaii Fashion

So, this theme for "Creative Tuesdays" is happiness.  And not necessarily long-term happiness, but, things that make one happy in the moment.  

Bright colors make me happy, both looking at them and painting or drawing with them, and so my submission for C.T. is one I've worked on for a class I'm taking, because making this picture has been something that makes me happy.  Plus, the imagery in it is connected to things I find cute/like to look at, which create a fleeting moment of happiness and a smile, even though it may not be as profound as something like meditating.   I also like working with mixed-media, and it made me happy to do that for this piece (using Prismacolor, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic).

Plus, looking at the prints and designs in Japanese pop culture fashion (called Lolita fashion) is something that I find fun, even if not a huge happiness in the zen, overall life and meaning sense.  So, another part of this happy picture I've created has to do with being lighthearted, and fun.

So, looking at Anime Images/Fashion/Bright Colors are what makes me happy, for this theme.  And creating them, too-- and it's more about it being a fun art piece, than necessarily one which illustrates something serious.

This is going to be cut up and turned into a handmade book, which can then be taken apart to form this poster image on this side.  Should be interesting to see if it works.

(Also, Koalas and Puns, especially this one of "Koala-Tea" that I use all the time make me happy, but that I found too big of a happiness for the small moment/temporary themed happiness of this challenge-- and marsupials/Australian animals in general-- the things in this image that aren't Koalas are Bilbies, which are endangered, and a sort of combination of a Rabbit and Bandicoot).

And now, it's time for links!  If you want to see everyone's entries for "Happy," head on over to Mister Toast's Blog!  He's the great guy behind this very fun collective:

Take care, and hope everyone has a happy week.,