Monday, March 2, 2015

"Under The Leaves" for Creative Tuesdays!

So, this is my first time attempting to update my blog from my phone--here goes!

Below is my C.T. "Under The Leaves" entry, of a Koala Mom and Baby having High (koala) Tea, under the shade of some Eucalyptus boughs.

Done in Watercolour and Gouache :-) Was a fun little Children's Illustration slash Nursery Art type piece to do.

And known it's time for some links! I am hoping I post these correctly and that they actually become live links-- but if as I am posting via mobile they do not, please forgive me. At least it will definitely be possible to copy and paste those links, then read them.

Below is the link to post to this week's Creative Tuesdays theme of "Under The Leaves."

And below that, here's Mister Toast's regular blog link:

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to everyone's work (-: I'm still playing catch up on last week's entries too, so I will make sure I leave comments on last week's and this week's work everyone did 



Christine said...

This is so sweet Donna! Nice work and happy CT.

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, your Koala's Tea Time is perfect for a nursery. :-)

Janis Cox said...

That is so cute. And having tea no less - what a great idea. A spot for rest, talk and refreshment.
Blessings to you,

Michael said...

Yes, I saw you still are playing catch up! hope that works out soon as we love to read your comments as well as your posts here. Haha, I actually had a sneak peak of this already as you had posted it on instagram so already commented here. Thank you for your addition. So very you which i love.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Tea under the shade of the eucalyptus tree, what more could one want, especially with koalas and cacooned with a purple heart. Beautiful!

Suza said...

Koalas and High Tea - what better combination?!