Monday, March 9, 2015

Latest #wip post of current projects and comics (with an initial release at L.B. Zine Fest)

Hello, All!

This is a quick post to go over some current #wip pieces.  Well, they're more than #wips as they have largely already been finished, but, they are new releases self-publish or card or comic wise, and I am posting just to show an overview.  For starters, I am posting my Elephant Shrew in Thai Elephant's clothing-- a new little character I plan on having in cartoon cards and prints, and having some of his own stories.

The following comics and prints will be available (knock on wood) at the upcoming inaugural Long Beach Zine Fest!  A few were available at L.A. Zine Fest last month, and the new material will also be available in April, on the 12th at the event down at MoLAA.

Next, are some clips from my new comic "Lonely," to be published eventually as a webcomic, and also currently a self-published minicomic.  Family trauma and trauma, with some surreal elements, and, well, raccoons.

To break up the sadder elements of the above comic, below is a page from my new Pun sketchbook of comic art I self-published, which is also a greeting card.  Make sure you Seize the Day when you can.  Shar-Pei Diem.  And, well, seize your dog if he or she is floating up up and away, with the help of an Anime themed umbrella.

Next up are some more sneak peeks, from my new self-published "How To Draw" comic zines for kids.  The two samples below focus specifically on character design.

Next is a shot of a new print I'm releasing, of an Indian Bollywood dancer mixed with a Black Swan dancer.  She too is also being made into an illustrated story sketchbook/comic, given her swan and morphing dance abilities.  She's a perform-y superhero.

Annnnd, last but not least, some more sneak peeks from my new Pun-Up sketchbook, which are also available as cartoon greeting cards.

Take care and thanks for reading :-)

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