Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Flower For C.T. Creative Tuesdays

Here's my Creative Tuesdays Entry for Flower, the theme of this week.  I painted it late last night, after being inspired from experimenting using graphite and watercolor together at a figure drawing session.  These flowers are all watercolor, Blocx pan watercolors to be exact.

I think it's kind of morphed into an odd bouquet on its own (which is actually the theme for our next challenge), as my original idea was to sort of have a single Koala popping out of a rose, but I wanted to then do other flowers surrounding the first flower.  It sort of now looks like a strange but fun flower arrangement, meant to look like a Koala.  My favorite toy is named Fuzzles the Koala, and this looks like a Fuzzle Flower.

In very important news, Mister Toast and Alex (two of the great artists behind Creative Tuesdays) have a GoFundMe page that I encourage people to check out and donate to.  Alex's brother has had some terrible, tragic circumstances, and deserves for things to go up/could really use the help:


I myself am going to make sure I donate, as well as read everyone else's flower posts, I am hoping tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday.  I'm running out of w ork right now and will not be back on the computer, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw that link in hopes that they can give something or spread the word.

As far as C.T. goes, you can post your flower creation up until Midnight tonight.  Head on over to the link below:


Sending everyone good vibes, hugs, and good wishes on this Saint Patrick's Day.



lissa said...

I first thought of it as a 'bear flower' but reading your explanation, it makes more sense. it's quite a nice arrangement. great CT entry.

hope you have a lovely day.

Christine said...

sweet to see a bear in the middle there Donna, nice work.

Michael said...

Donna, what a funny picture. It's so bizarre adn so wonderfully you too. A Koala flower, no less! heh. Love it. Great to have your input here and the links done right, etc as well as announcing Gary's GoFundMe. Thank you so much for your kindness. every bit and announcement like this helps. There is still a lot to take care of for him to get him here to CO.

This morning, in fact, I was out on GoFundMe's site and saw so many needs and heartaches. I ended it with giving to one of them and crying for many of them. If only we could give to every one we see. there are indeed good people out there helping others like Gary Early along the way.

Michael said...

BTW, I did have to chuckle at you saying Alex is behind CT. Waht? Cheeky! Simple cuz she helped me on two painting does not elevate her to co-host, as darling as she is. hee. Thanks though.

Tracy Campbell said...

Donna, your imagination is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the "bouquet" for next time. :-)

Janis Cox said...

Very creative and fun. Kids would love this - finding an animal in a flower.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

A new flower species! Fun and clever flower and incorporating one of your favourite animals, as well. Wonderful!

Michael said...

OOh, you have been busy ad out of it, what with the travel, funeral and all. No art here! Again, sorry for your grandma's loss, Donna. I left you a comment reply from yours on my Dottyhill blog site. Thank you. hope you have a great easter w/e!?