Monday, February 16, 2015

"Pillow" for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, C.T.-ers!  I am so swamped, so I won't write as much as usual (even though I'll probably ramble), but I made sure to do a Doodle from the heart, and on the theme of this week's theme, "Pillow."  Something I feel like I don't have much contact with anymore, and that I didn't wish I had to!  In other words, sleep is over-rated, but, I cannot avoid it.

Below is a portrait of myself as a Koala (looking an awful lot like my Stuffed Toy, Fuzzles The Koala), in my current mode.  I just did a Zine (meaning self published Comic or Magazine) fair this past weekend, which went great and I'm really grateful for the experience-- but it took forever to prepare for, and there are more I'm interested in/have to apply to.

I spent all day today writing comic book lesson plans (luckily I had the day off to get things done), as I'm teaching at four centers right now, afterschool program wise.  Excited about the lessons, I just wish there were enough hours in the day.  And, I have homework to do for that art class I'm taking, hence the spilled ink-- and, that the Koala collapsed before even getting to sleep on her Precious Pillow.  "So close, and yet so far," in so many ways.  (I downloaded this great packet called "The Focused Creator," and it's all about Time Management for people working in the arts... and I totally need to make time to read it, and actually implement it.  Oopsie face.)

In any case, I will get to looking at everybody's work tomorrow, knock on wood!  Thanks for providing a great theme, and I hope to do a more detailed one next time.  I did use my last bout of energy to draw this cartoon, before falling at the base of my pillow myself ^_^

The link for this theme closes tomorow!  Head on over to the link below to submit:

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Karen Maggio said...

What a fun little sketch. ;)

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna, after reading about your busy and exciting art schedule. I'd be whacked out too! So glad you were able to portray yourself as the Koala bear. So cute. :-)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Your sketch sums it up perfectly, when life and sleep get in the way of each other. You do lead such a very busy life sharing with others your incredible talent. Your students are very lucky!

Janis Cox said...

I am exhausted reading your post. lol:)
No wonder you needed the rest. I love your sketch. It says it all.
We need rest.

Christine said...

this is so cute and cozy Donna!

Michael said...

No worries, Donna, I totally get it. In fact, I almost gave up on mine too and I was running out of time. Luckily, I had Alex here to make sure I pushed through the last few hours to wrap mine up.

As it is, you get the idea across well. Thank you. Who would have guessed comic book stuff could be so exhausting? Well, hahah, actually, yes, when I think of it, I have always imagined it would be just that actually. So, well done pushing through and I do hope you find some sleep! :)

P.S. I'm enjoying keeping up with all you have going on over on your Instagram account too. Wonderful.

ChrisJ said...

I love koalas. They also seem to love to sleep a lot -- as do I! Glad you were able to make it to the end.