Monday, February 2, 2015

"Around The World," For Creative Tuesdays

Hi All!

So, my "Around the World" is a duel purpose piece and it is actually huge (usually I work on small-ish illustrations, small cards, and comic pages, which range between 3"x5" to notebook size to 11"x17" but not too much huger than that), 50" tall and 38" wide.  Still untitled, but phone photo (and one zoomed in detail) below.  I did it with a combination of some sketch placement with blue pencil, but a lot of it organically coming out with Pentel Brush Pen, and actually painting with a brush from a pot of ink.

It's an illustration I created, where the biggest part of the "Around the World" part to me is the Bollywood dance aspect of it (one of my best friends dances in an internationally touring Bollywood dance company, and while seeing her perform in New York has been great, I'd love to go overseas and see her/such dancing, too), but the ballet and more hip music parts of it also make me think of going around the world (Russia, for ballet, and America, hip music parts-wise).

Around the same time this challenge was proposed, a class I'm taking on Tuesday nights had the homework assignment of creating an illustration based on three combined genres of music.  I was inspired by Bhangra (Bollywood dance music), Romantic Classical (read: Basically Ballet music; this was my excuse to do something with Tchaikovsky, slash, "Swan Lake," as I have an obsession with that ballet and the film "Black Swan"), and, Techno.

These different music and dance forms inspire me because I love the dance aspects that go with them, and culturally all three have different relevance.  In America, it's great to let loose and have fun at a party and dance to a Techno song, in India there's a lot of cultural and historical significance to Bhangra (and the dance form itself is amazing to watch), and "Swan Lake" is performed worldwide, but I got lucky enough to see the Bolshois from Russia perform it a couple of years back when they came to Los Angeles, and, I think the Russian cast did that ballet the best of any cast I've ever seen do it.  Again, probably because of the cultural/historical significance.

So, for C.T., I thought this piece fit the theme of "Around the World," as it's a character of Fusion, whose perhaps traveled around the world to learn these various dance forms, so she can stand en pointe, do the traditional and beautiful movements of Bhangra, listen to her iPod as she dances, and think nothing of it as the Swan Lake Swans are born out of her.  For me personally, I love world travel and going new places.  I'd love to travel around the world and see these dance pieces in person.
Plus, I am taking this continuing education class that this piece was homework for, in an attempt to broaden my world, become a stronger illustrator, and if I'm lucky, be able to use those skills when I do travel, so I can create art when traveling/do a better job of it.

So, now that I've written a mini-novel, I will sign off.  I hope my concept for "Around The World" wasn't too conceptual, and I appreciate everyone tuning in my blog.  Looking forward to seeing everyone else's work, and hope everyone had a great couple of weeks!

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linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such a great idea Donna, around the world in dance. Your drawing has so much movement and grace, showing the different dance styles with the hands is an inspiration. Well done!

Karen Maggio said...

What a great illustration! That girl is definitely a type A personality. Your line/brush work is full of energy and movement and believe it or not I can hear the music. You have out done yourself with this piece. Cheers to you!
~ karen

The Happy Whisk said...

Great idea and fantastic artwork.

Christine said...

Beautiful piece and a very creative take on the theme!

Wanda said...

Love the theme and the black and white. Goodness you can just feel the movement. Great job.

Janis Cox said...

I love the action in the dance. I tap dance and love dances out with my hubby too.
There is something wonderful about moving to music, isn't there?
Great job!

Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Donna,
I like how you incorporated dance with around the world. And the detail you included is super.
Thanks for sharing,

Michael said...

Yes, you really can feel the movement of it and I got it right away. Actually, haha, I thought of that old pop song from the 80's, "you spin right round baby, right round, like a record baby, round round..". I was thinking perhaps she was on a record, or at least spinning, kind of like the globe spinning around and yes, ballet and dance of all sorts are indeed all around the world. I love that you did this Bollywood style. SO fun. So conceptual and totally unique. I can always count on your for that level of intrigue. LOVE it. thank you, Donna. Really enjoyed that you showed us the up front detailed version too. Thank you.

lissa said...

dance and travel - great combo, I actually thought she was cutting hair at first but reading your explanation tells me otherwise, but still quite a great piece.

hope you have a lovely day.