Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 2015 Word for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, Everyone!  Happy 2015, Again :-D  This week's challenge for "Creative Tuesdays" was to pick a word for 2015.  I'm including a sketchbook illustration I did based on my one main word.

First, is my main submission for C.T., with the theme and word, "Persevere."

In my little drawing, my Koala is pushing along (and wearing a brace), and trying to "Persevere," even if things are difficult.  Hearts and swirls are coming out of his efforts, so even though it's tough, something positive is coming out of it.

I think trying to "Persevere" is one of the hardest things to do in life, and in art, when there are constant daily difficulties of stress, work, illness, injury, family and friend issues, unforeseen obstacles, and all the rest of it.  But I don't know an alternative to attempting to keep going, which is why I am telling myself that my theme and word for this year, and for this challenge, is, to "Persevere."

Or, for those of you who also love Cartoons and Animation (and have seen this favorite Pixar film of mine), here's how Dory of "Finding Nemo" says the same thing:

Anyway.  That's all for me for now!

But to see what others wrote for their C.T. 2015 Word entries, which is due today, please head over to Mister Toast's blog entry at:

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Thanks for reading, and hope your 2015 is still going well so far :-D



Christine said...

That is such a great word and art to go with it! Love your cartoon inspiration too!

ChrisJ said...

Good word for most of us. Your drawing is sweet and delicate and I love the colors.

Wanda said...

Your word is so perfect for the stressful times we face each day. I had a computer problem an it took me 5 hours to post my illustration...I almost changed my word to yours.

I love the little bear with his brace. What a little trooper.

lissa said...

that's a good word and the bear is a good represention with the hearts. good take on CT.

hope you have a great day.

Michael said...

A bear pushing ahead with a brace is a good way to show the word , Persevere--a very good word too at that. I so agree. It is huge in art but life in general. With that, I'm wishing you all the perseverance you may need Donna. May you be surprised even by the swirls of good emotions and expressions that come from it all. Geeat job. Happy 2015 again to you too. Thank you so much for your input here, as always! :)

Janis Cox said...

It is great to meet you. I love your little bear. With each step of perseverance you can see your bear joyfully expressing himself.
May you continue to remember this word and I will pray that you find this a year of joy as well.

Karen Maggio said...

Another great word choice... I didn't get mine done in time for Creative Tuesday, But it was posted today.;)

Niina Niskanen said...

"Persevere" is a great word. There is stress and struggles but then again there is lot's of happiness love and more relaxed times in life.

Michael said...

SO, dear Donna, how did "Perservere" work out for you this year? Did you see that actualised in your life through 2015? It seems like you did. Just checking in on you on this a year later.. :)