Monday, January 5, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Ringing In The New Year! In a TuTu Fabulous Way.

Happy New Year!

So, my post is not actually for the holiday of New Year's or New Year's Eve, but, it's on theme for "RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR," as drawing this illustration was how I spent my NYE, and actually literally ringing in (doodling and painting in?) the new year.  Since working on making more cards is a goal of mine in general, and Valentine's Day is the next big card-y holiday coming up, I want to ring in the New Year by doing more work and prepping for such holidays ^_^ With Punny Card-Toons!

I just landed back in L.A. as I type this, from having been visiting family in N.Y.C., and I am quite tired, but I will try and describe my card a little.  This card, "You Are TuTu Fabulous, Valentine!" has a silly ballet related pun, and as a bonus, these fabulous dancing ladies have a little Pug ballerina.  Who, let's be honest, is wrinkly and fabulous and may just beat out her human friends for that starring role in "Swan Lake," or, "The Nutcracker."

While the pug is not the Chinese New Year animal (the Sheep for 2015), this is a note to myself to draw a cute HNY sheep at some point, and also, just commenting that I was happy to spend the New Year transition while doodling one of my favorite acitivites (dance) alongside one of my favorite creatures (wrinkly dogs, and Pugs, in particular-- although you all know I love Shar-Peis as well).

I am rambling.  And now, for links!

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Thanks for reading everyone, and hope 2015 is TuTu Fabulous for you!




Wanda said...

I love that you are a card maker. I have about 95 watercolor cards I have done over the years. I'm not a very good business person, so most of them I've given away for gifts. However I have sold a few.

I haven't made any new ones for a long time. I have Valentine ones I made years ago.

Your cards are delightful...and so you. Keep up the good work and I hope you sell a ton of them.

Wanda said...

PS, I might add.... I have all my originals...I had prints made in Note Card size to give a way and sell.

Christine said...

Love that you were 'painting in the New Year' Donna. And it's a very lively drawing, love the bright colours.

ChrisJ said...

Love the little pug. He/she is such a cutie. If I had a couple of dollars for every picture I have made I'd be on my way to another cruise pretty soon!

lissa said...

cute! I like the tutus and the ballet shoes, the pug is way too cute.

hope you have a great day.

Michael said...

Donna, ramble away-- we love it. :)

Yes, I saw this earlier (instagram or something). Very cute...sweet even. They are pretty and happy girls and let's hope is the pug too mind you.

Thank you for telling us how you actually rang in the new year. A novel approach to the theme and totally works. :) Love your stories and am so glad you got to go home for the hols.

Alexandra said...

Really, really cute. I LOVE the pink dresses and ballet slippers! :)

Laurie M said...

oh my gosh this so cute!!!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Just love that dancing pug! Another great card to add to your portfolio.

David Alan Goldberg said...

Donna, your work consistantly improves over time. Always brilliant, my dear friend! Warmest thoughts... DAG