Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Dreams of December" for "Creative Tuesdays"

Hi All,

My post will be a bit un-orthodox, but I hope fun!  Or, mostly fun.

My "dreams of December" are not actually Christmas related, but more life related, in wanting to be able to be happy and enjoy things.  I finished the picture below and wanted to submit it for C.T.  Like last time, it prominently features a Shar-Pei wrinkle-pup.

I started this a while ago, and decided to make sure to get it finished for the C.T. theme.  I didn't want to rush and do a specific holiday picture and do it poorly, so I decided to pour all my energy into finishing this off-beat submission for the theme (in addition, since a lot has been going on with me I knew I'd have a chance of finishing something I started, but that starting something new was likely going to be impossible).  

In terms of something specifically December-y, I hope to print up card and print versions of this to sell at a December Holiday Fair I'm doing through work.  In terms of "Dreams of December," well, it would be a dream to wear a fun outfit, to frolick around with a magical and wrinkly dog friend, and to play while flowers rained down on you.  

More practically, this entry is a bit of a reminder to myself to try and "Seize the Day," and keep punning ("Shar-Pei Diem" instead of "Carpe Diem"), both in art and in life.  Some really stressful situations are going on in my family life right now, so I guess my "Dream  of December" (knock on wood) is for things to be better all around, and for myself and everyone I love to be able to seize the proverbial day.  That's something necessary for December, when we turn between years, and overall in life, and yet, it's so hard to do.

Anyway, although I didn't finish the below submission for C.T. specifically, I'll submit it as a Part II. to make sure I stay totally on the December/Holiday theme.  Another "December Dream" of my own, and I'm sure everyone's, is to have a Happy Holiday Season.  I'll let the silly and punny card caption and characters speak for themselves.

Incidentally, that's a wish I have for all of you great peeps over at C.T.!  To have a happy, fun, enjoyable holiday season, with perhaps some animals thrown in (of course, if you like animals, and/or kitties and owls).

And now, for some links!

The main C.T. link by Mister Toast is at:

And, here's the link to submit, and you still have a bit of time today, a day later than the usual "Creative Tuesdays" day, on Wednesday December 3rd!

I will get to looking at everyone's work tomorrow, and have not forgotten.  From the Day after Thanksgiving until Today have been rather mad/stressful/a bit of a shock, and I was out of town Back East.  I'm back in California for a Spell until later in December, and as soon as I'm fully re-settled I'll comment on peoples' work.  I've glanced around and seen some great work (a Christmas kitty, if I recall!), but I"ll look at the "December Dreams" more thoroughly tomorrow.

Best wishes, and thanks for reading my very long (even more so than usual), hopefully a bit silly, and definitely a bit somber post.  But I do truly hope your holidays ("howl"-idays, if dogs are involved?) are a "purr-fect" hoot ^_^


lissa said...

both are wonderful creations and I don't might the silly message in the second one, it's fun & cute.

definitely, seize the day, people don't do that as sometimes there's too many things going on.

I wish you a joyous holiday! have a lovely day.

Michael said...

Yes, Donna, I had a good hoot over this indeed...and I'm not sure which gave that to me more, the funny/silly illustration or your words about raining flowers, etc. :) And yes, your other illustration is so cute too. I find it interesting how many of your characters seem either Italian or perhaps hispainc or something. I LOVE that diversity.

Yes, so sorry things have been stressful lately. Sadly, this time really bring that out. I could give you a long list from just all the events that transpired two days ago but will spare you, only to say, I think this is all of our greatest wishes for this time--less stress, more peace and time to be happy...even silly. Now, sharpeis or our scottie would work perfectly wonderfully for this, wouldn't they? :)

Wishing you xmas joys in the midst of all your travels. Thank you for finding the time then to even get to this and well done finishing that top piece too! Good luck with the upcoming xmas fair too.

Alexandra said...

So cute! I absolutely LOVE her stripey socks!! :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Very clever use of words Donna and another cute wrinkle pup. Good luck with your holiday fair and I hope things calm down a little for you.