Friday, November 7, 2014

The Pun-Up Zine! Sneak peeks of pictures of the funny animals and people and captions

Being released soon!  Really excited about a few new illustration zines I have coming up.

Wanted to post a sneak peek of this one, which I'm calling "Pun-Ups" (or perhaps the "Funny Anima-zine") as this zine consists of different punny images and captions, all featuring illustrations of animals, and animals and people.

Some are sweet, and some are snarky.  I also made a card version of that first one; I feel a little amoral making it as it's an apology card for when someone's been a jerk, but, I couldn't resist a hedgehog pun.

Scroll down and check 'em out; yay for sketchbooks, zines, and illustration overall ^_^

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