Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Minty" for Creative Tuesdays!

I finally got my entry for "Minty" done just in time, and I quite like my little character so much that I might want to re-draw her again as a regular character, or possibly sculpt her!

My "Minty Marsupial" is below:

She is a "Merry Minty Marsupial." as she's so Christmas-y and Seasonal.  As per the theme (and what I explained over on my Instagram page), she is a Koala with Peppermint ears, Peppermint leaves making up her skirt, holding a Peppermint candy-cane, and drinking Mint Tea.

Also, last month of October was #inktober for people online who wanted to draw and tag their ink work with that hahtag.  This month apparently a popular hashtag is #dinovember.  I love Dinosaurs, and while I will in the future just keep posting actual Dinosaur character drawings, this one is my second #dinovember drawing as the koala is wearing a shirt with a Christmas-T-Rex.  Also eating a Candy-Cane.  Or should it be a Tea-Rex, given the C.T. theme?  Hrmmm, just given myself more ideas of silliness...

Anyway, without further ado, some links!

Here's the link to the overall Creative Tuesdays Blog:

Here's the link to submit to "Minty," for this week's challenge.  You have until today, Tuesday November 4th, so there's still a tiny bit of time!


Below is my Instagram link for any C.T. people I'm not already connected with on that site, to get connected with in the future:


And lastly, here is a link to an event I'm doing this weekend!  It's Saturday and Sunday November 8th and 9th, out in Pasadena (near Los Angeles), and it's called DesignerCon.  I'm Booth 1031.


I've been going mad trying to draw originals, print cards, and make Sculpey figurine toys for it.  I'm making a lot of Koala characters for it, and I think I may just add Miss Minty Koala to that lineup :-D Creative Tuesdays is such a fun co-op, and I love how it gives me lots of ideas and inspiration that carries me through the two weeks in between each theme and everything we create.

So, that's all for now.  Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is super well!

:-), Donna


Christine said...

so cute, she's all ready for Xmas!

lissa said...

she is super cute! I like the mint theme. I would have make her wear red boots, for some odd reason, I just saw red boots instead of the black. but maybe she is like santa with the black boots?

great take on the CT theme. have a sweet day.

Michael said...

that event looks right up my alley. Enjoy. So glad CT's can give you brainstorming ideas, setting you on a roll as this obviously did too with your cute and funny "Merry Minty Marsupial." She's literally very sweet and minty, no? Is she also sometimes a little spicy perhaps? One does wonder! :)

thank you for playing along, Donna, and do let us know if you happen to do a sculpture of some sorts for this. Like I did for Lissa, I'd love to high light it later at some point.

So glad you enjoyed the theme. Clever how you managed to fit a dino in there too. Yes, I think you manged to squeeze a lot into this drawing actually, didn't you? So you. Glad then you manged too to get this in in the last minute. Well done!

Karen Maggio said...

How fun...Now I can't wait for Christmas.

Wanda said...

So super cute. I think he would be a adorable stuffed toy. My grandson would love it.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Love her minty ears. You have come up with a lovely little character, hope we see more of her.