Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Ho Ho Ho," for the Christmas Themed Edition of Creative Tuesdays!

Hello, Everyone!

This week's Creative Tuesdays we had an option of three sets of Festive Words or Christmas Phrases we could use in our submissions.  "Ho Ho Ho," "Good Tidings," or "Christmas Wonder."

So, for once, I did not draw a Koala for my submission (although the temptation to create a Santa Ko-ho-ho-ho-ala was tempting).  Because I love wrinkly dogs, and I met one that inspired me last week, my piece has a Shar-Pei Santa.  I met a Shar-Pei puppy, she was adorable, and now I am working on a couple of different Shar-Pei pieces.  First one below.

My friend who saw me working on this remarked that these are the least "ho ho ho" looking dogs there are, but, I disagree.  Their eyes are super puppy-dog-ish, and if they pout the wrinkles appear to exaggerate their mood, but overall I think they are cute and cheery, wrinkles and all.

In this design, I wanted to make it a Christmas-y one that also blended elements of doggy things, hence the Gingerbread Bone he's sitting on, and the Gingerbread Bone Lettered "Ho Ho Ho."  In addition to the Christmas-y pattern around him, I also gave him a Santa Hat and a Snow-Dog.  

(If this Shar-Pei had magical powers and was hiding away, maybe he'd have a sad sibling sitting outside his doggy door, sadly singing, "Do you wanna build a Snow-dog??"  "Frozen" reference for any one else into animation and/or that particular movie, which, I still probably sadly like just as much as my elementary school aged students).

This was such a fun illustration to make!  I will be doing a holiday fair at one of the places that I teach, so methinks I will print up a few cards and prints for sale of this doggy.

And now, for some links:

The overall Creative Tuesday Blog run by Mister Toast is at:

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And finally, the link to my website.  I'm linking to the section this my Shar-Pei will go into, even though I haven't uploaded him there yet.  Even more fun, is that I am using my Yoga Koala (for the found object assignment) that I created here for C.T. as a bit of a logo on my site, which I just re-did.  He can be seen at the top left corner of all the pages.  Thank you for the inspiration, Mister Toast!


Thanks much for stopping by, and hope everybody is well (-:


Wanda said...

Oh Donna... I want to find him in my stocking. You've just done a marvelous job with the theme.

Love all the details. You are SO good.

Christine said...

This is really cute and different! I like it!

lissa said...

this is wonderful. I've seen these dogs around and they always seems kind of sad but your drawing makes him seen very happy which is great for this week. this would definitely make a great greeting card.

have a sweet day.

Michael said...

I wish you could see my expression, Donna, whenever I read your entries and look intently at the details in your various pieces. You never cease to delight AND surprise me with all your intricacies and the writing that simply pulls one into your day/mindset, mood or what have you. LOVE IT. This piece too does just that.

I so love the gingerbread bone and letters idea. How very fun but not nearly as delightfully whimsical as your ornaments, etc, spattered aroudnd the dges....like that Snowman with carrot ears. Bizarre! but oh so love it as I do the hearts, baubles, , stars, etc. It's almost like magical confetti which perhaps is intended for his magical powers?

Anyway, great job and thank you so much for playing.

Oh, and guess what? I was torn whether you might do this theme or glad tidings but decided in the end you;d do the latter, with some girl giving a gift to someone and with a doggie or such thrown in. So, I was half way there!

"Santa Ko-ho-ho-ho-ala"--ha, I think you much do this at some point, but I see this doggie featured on your Instagram too. Definitely inspired you, as you say.

Karen Maggio said...

Oh my gosh... It's fabulous! just love you illustration!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Thank you Donna for your very kind comment. Your puppy is just so adorable with all his wrinkles and so beautifully drawn as well. Such a great idea to make the bone and letters as gingerbread. It shows that you had fun with this and as always gave it a lot of thought. This has to be one of my favourites, I just love it.

Alexandra said...

Hee Hee It appears most of us picked Ho Ho Ho! Love yours. So cute. :)

ChrisJ said...

Love this dog! And I especially love all the little Christmassy doodads around him.