Monday, October 20, 2014

"Found Object" for "Creative Tuesdays"

I've had a lot of fun doing this one!  My found object was one I get a lot of use out of (an eraser).  At first I was blocked on what to do, but then I realized I could use an actual block for my submission for this theme.  Observe, below:

As I've been getting into Yoga into the past couple of months, I though it would be fun to do a Yoga illustration, and incorporate the eraser as a Yoga Block!  As you can see, my trusty muse Fuzzles the Koala is the Yogi in this picture, smiling, stretching, and wearing some Yoga-Friendly Threads.  

I've kept this picture all in black and white, in honor of #Inktober.  I used an XS tip Fabercastell Cartooning pen, and also a Japanese Brush Pen.  It's beginning to fray a bit, actually, which gave it some cool effects for the shadows and the fur of the Koala.

And finally, for some links!

Here's the link to the overall Creative Tuesdays Blog:

Here's the link to submit to "Found Object," for this week's challenge.  You have until tomorrow, Tuesday October 21st, so there's still a bit of time!

And lastly, I'll be posting this to Instagram later, and will include my link for any C.T. people I'm not already connected with on that site, to get connected with in the future:

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is super well!

:-), Donna


Christine said...

This is really cute Donna, love it!

btw, I got both your comments, I have the same problem these days, never sure if they went through.

Wanda said...

That is really cool to use something that is meaningful to you and so cute besides. You got moves, girl. HaHa.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Love it! Super idea and drawing, which made me laugh.

lissa said...

perfect use of an eraser. I like the heart image on his t-shirt.

have a great day.

Michael said...

Fisrt off, "Fuzzles the Koala" is just too darn cute. Awwww. What a name and picture. he is such a chummy little fellow. Fun idea using the eraser block to get our of your mental block! Haha I had to laugh as at first I thought that was a piece of bubblelicious gum or something. That would have worked too. Fun fun! thank you so much....and well done on the inktober. I am doing horribly on that, however. Oh dear me. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed this theme. Love reading that form my co-oppers. :D Thank you.

Alexandra said...

This is so cute, Donna! Oh my gosh! Everyone has thought of ideas for the found object in which I would have never thought of. Well done. :)

Mariane C said...

Oh WOW ... That is an awesome drawing - Wow,Donna!! Thank you ever so much for sharing

Kind regards