Monday, August 11, 2014

"Poppies" for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, Everyone!  I missed the "Red Balloon" C.T. prompt, but I am back and did a lot of work inspired by "Poppies."  Really sorry I didn't get online; I was in New York visiting my family for my birthday.  

One of those important (so they say), decade marking birthdays (eeek!) :-p  Anyway I was so busy with family/not getting out to Starbucks to get Internet, I didn't get to make a new C.T. drawing for that week, and I didn't get online.  But I hope to make up for it this time around  ^_^  Below, is my prompt for "Poppies," as well as other versions of the piece.

As you can see, this watercolor and ink piece refers to "The Wizard of Oz," and the scene with the Poppies.  I immediately thought of this story for this challenge, as I'm a fan of the story and the musical.  Plus, when I was in seventh grade, my middle school put on the production.  I played a Winkie, a Tree, and a Poppy, appropriately enough.

My illustration more playful/less dark than the original scene, but Toto, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion are still all a bit sleepy from playing in the Poppies.  I wanted to add the Tin Man and the Scarecrow but my watercolor paper was too small; I'm thinking of making it into a Triptych, and adding two more panels where I could add them in one panel, and then the various witches in another panel.  Will see about that later.

Anyway, Poppies are beautiful, and they were very enjoyable to watercolor.  I got a lot of inspiration from vintage "Wizard of Oz" illustration, and worked towards making my piece semi-modern, semi-vintage, in execution.

This image above is how it looked with just the colored inks, before I added the watercolor.  I like the color version best, but I think this version might be useful if I ever tried to make it into a tee-shirt design.  Although, maybe the color would work better.  Either way I wanted to show my process :-p

And finally, I played around with making both version of this piece into patterns.  The patterns are a bit trippy, but I had fun making them and think they look kind of cool.

Color version of pattern:

Outline version of pattern:

So, that's all for now.  I have to leave a comment on my other blog entry and this week's blog entry page, but a big Thank You to Mister Toast for leaving me a super kind comment on my last C.T. entry, checking in to see if I was okay.  I am, thank you so much!  I missed C.T. and am glad to be back for this round.

Thanks, Mister Toast for all your great hard work and giving everyone a platform ^_^  I'll close with some links.

The link to my website, with print and pattern designs (as of this posting my "Wizard of Oz" work is not on there yet, but I am aiming to get it on there by or before August nineteenth):

The link to go to, to submit your own Poppy illustrations, due on August nineteenth:

Mister Toast's Blog (Home of "Creative Tuesdays"):

Mister Toast's Illustration Website Overall:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a day!



Christine said...

such a cute creative take on the theme! Nicely done.

Michael said...

Donna, so glad to read you are OK and happy belated B'day! As you get older, you'll find those big milestone b'days get to be not quite as celebratory, shall we say? :)

Anyway, another great write up. Who would have guessed it that someone woudl think of this scene from Oz? I know I would never had but how brilliant. Love what you've done here exploring your options and yes, even the patterns, trippy as they are, they work quite well. In fact they rather remind me of some old world Hungarian or gypsy type patterns one might see on some old lady's shawl or such, esp the 2nd one with less colour.

Great exploration here and great to have you back!

Finally, but importantly, I have moved the blog link on to now point back to my blogger account, Please use this now the and if you would, update your links for the theme itself to there. You can still, of course link to my dottyhill.

I decided that as my blog has pretty much only been CT I should really keep it separate and I can always use my biz FB page for any other updates, or showing work in progress etc, as I need to spend more time there anyway! Thanks so much.

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Happy belated birthday Donna! Such an inventive idea using the poppies with OZ. As usual a lovely strong drawing in your unique style. Love how you have made a pattern with them all, which would make great fabric.

Wanda said...

I join in wishing you a happy birthday, a little late, but hoping it was a good day.

Your artwork, the detail and background info is great. You are one talented lady.

Alexandra said...

This is so cute, Donna! I LOVE your lion cozied up on a giant poppie. Brilliant idea. :)


Mariane C said...

WOW Donna ( Linda ? ) -- Happy Happy belated - I am really impressed of your poppies with the Wizard of OZ theme. I must admit I love the coloured better than the Ink which is a great one too (as I can see at the pattern) - I really love what you have done.

Michael said...

Hope you are well, Donna.

Just out the latest them and updated guidelines as well as a Hall of Fame sidebar list of regular contributors...which, of course, includes you. :)