Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creative Tuesdays and the theme of "Bread and Jam"

Hello All!  I decided to do a simpler, graphic sketch for this C.T., and I had fun!

First off, the theme was bread and jam.  I thought of doing something sweet and classic, maybe a child wearing a Victorian outfit eating some bread and jam.  But then I couldn't stop thinking about Kawaii-- that means super cute in Japanese, and there are a lot of tee-shirts, designs, and just drawings on the web of Kawaii food, where food becomes anthropomorphic, has cute little faces, and has a life of its own.

So, for my "Bread and Jam" submission, there are two tiny pieces of toast who are friends.  One has to help the other, as you can see from the caption above.  I had fun doing this as it was a fun pun to create, and a fun little scene to draw.  I suppose it's a bit cute yet dark given the predicament of the toast in the jam, but, luckily he's got a friend there to save him from the sticky situation.

With maybe a bit of tweaks and re-drawing, I feel like it could work as a tee-shirt or a silly card design.  I know Mister Toast and others have discussed the merits of Traditional art over Vector art, but I'm glad that I drew this one with lines that I think could translate to Vector-ing, if necessary.  I used a pentel brush pen for the lines, le plume markers for the blue background and some of the coloring (those are like copics but not as much), and watercolor for everything else.

Hope everyone is having a great day!  Here is the link to Mister Toast's website, where you can see his wonderful illustrations and read his blog:

And here's his blog entry to submit for today's theme of "bread and jam," for which there is still a bit of time:

Thanks for reading!  Hugs and take care.


Wanda said...

Oh this is the cutest drawing ever. Love the "pun"...I've been in a jam many times and would have loved to have a friendly piece of toast get me out of it.

Donna, one of your best!

MMm.. said...

OH! HAHAHHAHAHA, now i totally know which entry Alex was talking about. So funny. I particualrly chuckled at this:
"So, for my "Bread and Jam" submission, there are two tiny pieces of toast who are friends."
--I mean, who elsewould imagine up such a thing but our wonderful Donna? Love it. A sticky situ indeed. That happy yet lowly strawberry really tickles my funny bone too. Too too funny actually, as is the bite taken off one corner (yes, a bit morose, perhaps) and the butter dab on the other's.

Great interpretation and write up, as always, Donna. thank you so much for doing that. Oh, and i just learned a new word--Kawaii means more than an island. How lovely.

Alexandra M said...

What an absolutely adorable illustration, Donna. So perfect and so cute. Made me chuckle! :)

Christine said...

This is so cute! Love the way you have personified jam and toast!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Very funny and very clever. Fabulous!

MMm.. said...

Awww...I was hoping to see a new red balloon illustration here and perhaps you had perhaps forgotten to sign in. Oh well. Hope you are well, Donna!?!

The Happy Whisk said...

Help you out of the jam. Hahahaha, brilliant.