Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Creative Tuesdays," and the theme of "I want to go..."

Hello, everyone!  Below is my illustration (a children's illustration) with a double meaning for the C.T. prompt, "I want to go!"


My initial "wanting to go" response was, "I want to go outside and play!"  And, if we're going to get technical-- it is a dream of mine (because of an obsession with Koalas, and a love of traveling) to visit Australia ^_^

So, my full sentence I guess would be, "I want to go outside and play-- In Australia!"  (With a Koala, Wombat, Kangaroo, Bilby, and any other awesome Zoo Creature).

I guess since I'm from New York and descended from some serious Yankee fans, I can consider this little illustration of a Wombat as a spirit animal, representing what I myself would want to do if playing in his homeland.  Not necessarily playing American baseball, per-see, but frolicking outside would be nice.  Speaking of, I also styled his outfit after the Vintage baseball outfits, a la what Babe Ruth wore.

This piece's pun is obvious, as he's outside, playing baseball, and the caption is "Wom-Batter Up!" (Heh heh; oh, wordplays).

In any case, this illustration is one I've done as a children's illustration, and I am trying to do a lot more kids' illustrations with puns, that could be hung in someone's room, or other things with a combination of pictures and texts.  I'm also trying to do various pieces featuring Australian Animals (not only Koalas, Kangaroos, and Wombats, but other ones which aren't as well known).  A friend of mine ordered the print of it, which I have to ship later this afternoon :-p 

And now, without further ado, here are links!

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Lastly, here's the link to my website-- specifically, the section with prints, patterns, and Australian Creatures:

Thanks for reading, and hope everybody is well!

Hope everyone has a G'Day ;-)


TwinkleToes2day said...

Fabulous!! Very clever pun - I did giggle ;) The uniform is iconic and a great choice. Best wishes with the sale of illustrations. I think this one would be a fab birthday card for a sports fan too :o)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Just love this Donna, it is such a superb drawing with the fun of the pun as well. I think that this is my favourite piece of yours so far. Great idea to combine the CT challenge with saleable work. Just perfect!

MMm.. said...

G'day to you too, dear Donna. Always SO love your write ups. Very fun adn imaginative to combine all these elements together. And you know, you really do take the biscuit here too as you are likely the VERY first person with CT to ever do a wombat! Let alone one playing "rounders" as it would have to be there (which is usually played by girls though. LOL. )

I was just outside playing today too, as you would have it. A gorgeous morning of frisbee disc golf.

Fun pun her and fun drawing. You;ve already been to Ediburgh I see so now I hope you get to go to Aussie land too. I want to got there on day as well. not only are there some distant counsins there but my mother lived there as a teen to escape the Japanese who invaded Malaysia where she was located with her parents who went there to serve the crown from London about 7 years after she was born. Anyway, she has great memories of the place and of course Aussies and poms are all such lovely people.

Mariane C said...

WOW, As Twinkle said - This is a great image for birthday cards - I say!!! It is so amazing, I am new to this Challenge so I imagine that I will be visiting you again - at least to see your other drawings - because it is an awesome one. Thanks for sharing :)

Kind regards
PS my contribution is here:

ChrisJ said...

A Koala or wombat playing baseball now that's quite a combination! Good fun pun!

Christine said...

love this tnoughtful interpretation, I want to go too!

Alexandra said...

Very cute koala illustration. Adore the little ball outfit, too. You're so clever! :)