Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Creative Tuesdays," and the theme of "I want to go..."

Hello, everyone!  Below is my illustration (a children's illustration) with a double meaning for the C.T. prompt, "I want to go!"


My initial "wanting to go" response was, "I want to go outside and play!"  And, if we're going to get technical-- it is a dream of mine (because of an obsession with Koalas, and a love of traveling) to visit Australia ^_^

So, my full sentence I guess would be, "I want to go outside and play-- In Australia!"  (With a Koala, Wombat, Kangaroo, Bilby, and any other awesome Zoo Creature).

I guess since I'm from New York and descended from some serious Yankee fans, I can consider this little illustration of a Wombat as a spirit animal, representing what I myself would want to do if playing in his homeland.  Not necessarily playing American baseball, per-see, but frolicking outside would be nice.  Speaking of, I also styled his outfit after the Vintage baseball outfits, a la what Babe Ruth wore.

This piece's pun is obvious, as he's outside, playing baseball, and the caption is "Wom-Batter Up!" (Heh heh; oh, wordplays).

In any case, this illustration is one I've done as a children's illustration, and I am trying to do a lot more kids' illustrations with puns, that could be hung in someone's room, or other things with a combination of pictures and texts.  I'm also trying to do various pieces featuring Australian Animals (not only Koalas, Kangaroos, and Wombats, but other ones which aren't as well known).  A friend of mine ordered the print of it, which I have to ship later this afternoon :-p 

And now, without further ado, here are links!

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Lastly, here's the link to my website-- specifically, the section with prints, patterns, and Australian Creatures:

Thanks for reading, and hope everybody is well!

Hope everyone has a G'Day ;-)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Birdcages for Creative Tuesdays

Hello All!  I will be brief; just writing to show I did two pieces for this week's "Creative Tuesdays."  I did one looser and free-er sketch that is somewhat downbeat in nature.  And I took one happy card I'd done with bird-cages, and turned it into a graphic pattern.

Above, is my first, looser sketch.  Called "Freelance hourly bird," this little birdy is dreaming of going outside, but even in the bird economy he works by the hour, is up late working on the computer with coffee, and very much stuck inside his birdcage if he wants to be able to earn enough to finally leave his nest and get himself some birdie seed.

And on a cheerier note, is the pattern I created out of an old Channukah card!  The girl is feeding seasonal cookies to her rooster and chicken friends, and some of them are in pens/the chicken version of a birdcage.  I digitally cut out the image, repeated it, and included a border with hearts and the Star of David.  As you can see, these little birdies and the human are happier, more upbeat, and less reliant on caffeine than the first birdie in a cage that I sketched for this challenge.

Thanks to everyone for taking a look!  I am very swamped like now like my little bird drawn in the first brush-penned image, but I am looking forward to viewing everyone's lovely pieces when things calm down.

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