Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Zodiac" for Illustration Friday

Woo, second blog post in a while!  #OnARoll.  Anyway, here we go.  This is just an art post, but a news post will be soon-ish, I'm hoping :-p

So, this week's I.F. theme is "Zodiac."  On a whim, I Googled "Koala astrology," and lo and behold! It exists! It turns out that in the "Primal Astrology" zodiac calendar, marsupials abound.  A platypus, a koala, and a kangaroo all have their own sign/description, the way the Horse does in the Chinese calendar (for example), or the Lion for Leo does in the Western calendar (For another example).

So, keeping in this theme, above are three animals from the Primal Zodiac: a sepia ink illustration I did of a Platypus, Koala, and Kangaroo, all wearing Victoriana styled clothing.  It's an illustration of The Advetures of Miss Roo, Mister K. O. Wala, and Sir Plat. E. Pus.  This will be in color eventually, but I wanted to keep one scan of the just brown/sepia inked version. 

I'm rather familiar with the Western Zodiac, and the Chinese one.  I'm a Leo Western wise (with a lot of Cancer elements; which on the one hand can help make me a more tolerable and better listener type Leo, but on the other hand means I can tend towards putting up with too much/being a more repressed "White Swan" kind of Leo when the natural, un-filtered urge would be to completely "Black Swan" out). 

It was pretty cool learning about this new Zodiac calendar, which is like the Western and Chinese calendar combined (it goes by month and year you are born), and seeing how many different animals and their qualities were talked about on this calendar. I personally was not a Koala (sadness), but found out I was an Otter. 

Some of that description was very accurate, and some wasn't, but it's still cool to now know between all the various calendars of the Zodiac, I am a combination Lion/Rat/Otter.  Hrmmm.  Perhaps that mashup of a creature would be something fun to draw...

In any case, for parties interested in some links for art/Zodiac shenanigans, they are below.  Thanks for reading!

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