Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Natural" for Illustration Friday

For the latest "Illustration Friday," here is a link to my several animals hanging out together!

The theme is "natural," and I decided to submit this illustration since-- while cartoony and a little fantastical with the hearts (and the Kangaroos pocketing hearts and flowers in their pouches)-- animals hanging out together in the wild is one of the most natural things in the world.

Plus, it's "natural" for bees to pollinate, and for there to be a circle of life, and thus the circular design/pollinating bee/other animals in this piece all "naturally" relate to one another!

Bonus inclusion: I turned the design into a little repeated pattern, as seen below.

I've been working on doing more design-y illustrations that are a little more graphic and less line-y and cross-hatch-y.  This one was especially fun, as I could see this kind of repeat pattern on fabric or wallpaper or some such, and I could see the single original design as something on a bag, tee-shirt, or what have you.

Still need to do a bigger update, but very busy!  So this will have to be all for now.

Here are some links!

The print and pattern section of my site (still to be updated, and the site overall must be renewed, eep!):

And, the link to do I.F. for this week's "Natural" theme:

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone's off to a great week :-D

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