Sunday, March 2, 2014

Works In Progress

So much going on!  Going to get back to regular blogging.  For now, here are some progress updates.

Above, there are the Circus-Supials!  Or are they mar-circus-als?  Either way, they are a traveling troupe that I began as an illustration for cards/possible packaging and bolt-fabric, and also am going to start a webcomic with.  My favorite one is probably the Koala dressed up as a lion.  Because who doesn't prefer to dress up as something seemingly more fun than yourself, at least some of the time?  Perhaps one of his story lessons will be to accept himself, without needing a huge costume or idenityt change.

Next, here's a clip from my new comic with Dya the Diva Dinosaur!  It's my newest mini-comic, all centered around puns, silly animals, Dinosaurs (or, one dino), and clams.

Quick backstory/pitch, now that you've read those pages.  There are two clams: Sam (Samantha), who works as a bad conscience.  Bob works as a good conscience.  Despite their opposing jobs, they are actually best friends, and also a couple.

Dya the Dinosaur is also Sam's friend,  Dya, specifically, is a T-Rex and an actress.  Unfortunately, Sam may have kind of messed up a future movie gig for her... so, the two clams are out on a date at the Times Square Toys R Us, and trying to avoid Dya.  Unfortunately, Dya notices.  And kind of has a fit.  Only posting a couple of page peeks, but more can be found in the comic itself!  (Which I debuted at L.A. Zine Fest and will have at the other cons and fairs I'm doing).

Now, back to the Marsupials.  The above character is from a painting of mine I've posted about before, but in keeping with the Koala theme, I keep coming back to her.  An off-shoot story from this print is in the works, too.

And finally, as I've now gotten really into prints and patterns (still learning and got a ways to go), this is a simple little racc-ookie print I made.  Yes, that's a pun on raccoon and cookie.  Given that I have first hand experience dealing with trappers to safely take them out of houses and to the forests where they belong, I am very aware of how much they love human food.  And sugar!  Like, cookies.  Anyway, in a cartoon pattern they are kid friendly, cute, and fun.  In real life, they're cute, but unfortunately from a distance and not in your house.

That's all, and I hope everyone reading is well!  I myself am looking forward with a mix of excitement, and trepidation, to NYC's latest snowfall (as I'm here for a week, before going back to California and it's at the moment rare rain, and back again-- but, those are stories for another time). (-: