Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"The Bandit Swan" for the Fluffie, Fuzzy, Cuddly Baddies show, and "Exotic" for "Illustration Friday!

Hi Everyone!  The piece featured below is going to be up at the art opening being held on Valentine's Day, at Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Shoppe/Art Gallery, at 1010 1/2 Fair Oaks Avenue, in South Pasadena. 2/14/2014!  The deserts there are the best, and I'm partial to the Jakarta flavored ice-cream ^_^

(The show is all about evil, cute, and fluffy critters.  I'll have this piece, and my evil Avenger Koalas in the show as well).

This piece was also submitted to the week of February 1st's Illustration Friday theme of "Exotic."  It's called "The Bandit Swan."

Been wanting to work on wood for a long time, and, I finally got started on it!  This picture depicts the exotic, rare, and fictional hybrid of a Raccoon and the Black Swan.

Here are some detail shots.  The materials were a brush and ink, and acrylic.  Here are her ballet point shoes, some feathers, and her ringed-tail.

One last shot!  Her face, crown, closer shot of her bodice, little raccoon claws, and more feathers.

Hope everybody is off to a good February, and pre-Valentine's (and L.A. Zinefest, gaaaah yay so much work to do!) week!  Lots of hugs.

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