Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LAZF 2014 is coming up, and so are some new items!

Hello World!  I've been very busy since returning from NYC to L.A. (am still thawing), but want to keep up with this here blog, so here we go.

Check out the pieces below-- I'm hoping to organize the printing of a punny 2014 Calendar, in color. And a Noir Sketchbook zine.  And all the new comics I'm working on, but, I've got to scan those in before I can share them ;-)

Scroll down for a sample of what would be in the color punny calendar, and then, the Noir-y ness.

See everybody on February 16th at the Culver City Helms Bakery for Zine Fest!

(Original piece above titled "Marsupispoons," ink and watercolor, and full of Koalas, as per usual)

(Original piece above titled "Crossing Cars," Pen and Ink)

(Original piece above titled "Clouds And Christmas In Vegas," Brush and Ink)

(Original piece above titled "All I Want For Christmas," Pen and Ink)

I love color, but also loving working in black and white. So it's exciting to be working on all of these different things ^_^

More later and I hope everybody this 2014 is doing well!

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